I am an avid Windows Phone user from last 2 years. I was a Microsoft Student Partner in during my Engineering days and got the opportunity to learn and develop a lot of WP app, due to which I won a fair share of devices (Read: 12). I am actively using Nokia Lumia 1520 (Black beast) from last 1 year as my daily driver. Mind you I was and am an Android fanboy by heart as I truly believe that Google has created a hell of an Operating system with endless possibilities and still I fared through 12 months with my Lumia. Isn’t that interesting? So, I would like to share my thoughts on why I think Windows Phone Rocks! 

5 reasons why Windows Phone ROCKS:

#1. Lights, “CAMERA” & Action!!

Let’s believe it. Windows Phone has luxury of having “THE BEST” of the camera experience on smartphones. Lumia 1020 being ~1.5 years old now, it is still no match for any camera phone there. Yes, it is slow to snap a pic in it but with 41mp RAW image shots, it is a haven for photographers who doesn’t like to roam around with a bulky DSLR hanging on their neck. 😉

5 reasons windows phone rocks sucks

Kings of Camera phones

My Lumia 1520 has a low spec’d modest 21mp camera with OIS but oh god, it clicks pics like a dream. Snapdragon 800 keeps shot-to-shot time pretty low and new Denim update brought in some goodness like 4k video recording, Lumia moments and lighting fast camera load speeds.

#2. Metro UI aka Tiles/Start Screen

Metro UI aka Tiles/Start Screen | Windows Phone Rocks

Ain’t that gorgeous!

Haha! I never believed I will fall in love with the tiles after being an Android user. I always loved to tinker and customize stuff, and when I first held the Lumia 1520 in hand, I was like “Oh man! That’s Fresh!“. Yes! Exactly this is what’s a thought of any iOS/Android user when they use WP for first time.

I agree that Windows Phone 8 wasn’t very good in this regard but Windows Phone 8.1 ?! Man-o-man, they have improved on almost every aspect. With cool new Start screen background image with parallax effect and addition of Folders with the Denim update, the whole package looks pretty sweet now. Metro UI with its flatness, boldness and pretty much straight forward approach of minimalism is the key factor which makes Windows phone rock.

#3. Design, Build & Quality

Well this point maybe specific to Nokia, but let’s be honest. Nokia (now Microsoft) accounts for 95%+ market share for Windows phone. So it will be safe to use “Nokia” as a synonym for Windows Phone devices. Design, Build & Quality are key aspects which makes or break a device and trust me when I say it but Nokia has nailed it. Come on! Have you looked at that beautiful Unibody Polycarbonate body which feels super sturdy and premium in hand unlike some of the major Android flagships (*cough*Samsung*cough*) 😛


We all have heard *fairly*tales of how Nokia 3310 survived against all the odds and we see a lot of meme/rage comics for same (gallery above). Nokia has a reputation of building phones like a tank and it holds true for majority of their devices! I have seen a youtuber using Lumia 900 to hammer a nail in wall that too from screen side for god sake 😮 I am super impressed by my Lumia 1520 which has survived pretty well in last 1 year and has no scratches or scuff marks what-so-ever AND don’t even get me started on battery life 😛

Windows Phone Rocks - Build quality Lumia


p.s: +1 to HTC One M8 too for releasing a Windows Phone version. That phone looks as gorgeous as it gets with that gun-metal finish. <3


Windows Phone rocks - Cortana

Master Chief’s personal assistant at your service.

For those who are Xbox buff and have played Halo, Cortana needs no introduction. For rest, well Cortana is a fictional artificially intelligent (AI) character in the Halo video game series, voiced by Jen Taylor. But that’s not all, she has arrived in 21st century from the Future (read: 26th century) as your personal digital assistant that helps you organize your day-to-day activities, alongside regular web searches for information. Cortana will act as the primary way to discover and search for information on Windows Phone 8.1 and also as an assistant to manage your meetings, reminders, and daily life. She’s smart and witty, all while being designed to closely resemble a human assistant.

Best part of Cortana is that she can hook up into other Third-party app and interact through it. You can look up a friend’s timeline, play an episode using Hulu, check latest news in tech and much more.  Cortana also maintain a notebook containing everything she knows about you so you are always on the top of the things when it comes to your privacy.

Since Microsoft fell behind the race of Digital Assistants against Apple/Google, they have tried to up their game by launching new features like Person based reminders to remind you stuff whenever you communicate with the person via Call/Text. Microsoft has tried their best to keep the conversation with Cortana as humanly natural as possible and Yes, it holds true to some extent.

With the announcement to include Cortana in Windows 10, it would be interesting to see how Cortana is going to get mature with the product development cycle.

#5. Integration with MS ecosystem

Obviously! Microsoft being the owner of Windows Phone OS provides the best integration with their ecosystem. Be it any microsoft service, you get the best experience for the same. Exchange account is easy to configure, OneDrive is deeply rooted into file system, Skype is build into dialer, Games are certified by XBox and the best Office mobile experience you get is on Windows Phone.

Microsoft services collage - Windows Phone Rocks - Bitsnapper

Work. Play. Enjoy.

Awesome memory management and OS optimization ensures that you don’t run out of juice while all these services work in background. Everything is integrated and works seamlessly. Having used Nokia Lumia 1520 in both my Academic and Professional life, I can say that Windows Phone adapts itself to suit your lifestyle.

So guys, here were my Top 5 reasons why Windows Phone Rocks! I will be coming up for Top 5 reasons for both Android and iOS too. Keep hooked.