Most of the people that root their phone do it solely for one purpose – ‘Get rid of the ads’. All the rooted users will be familiar with apps like Adblock Plus and Adaway(My personal favourite). Now comes a relatively new app, the Adgaurd. Adgaurd is an ad blocker which works without root! Yes, it’s true. For those users who aren’t sure about rooting their devices can definitely make use of this application. Of all the ad blockers that I’ve used, this one has the best User Interface. It has implemented the Material Design in it which is not seen in other ad-blocking applications.

If you have used other ad blockers like Adaway, you might know that they make changes to the host files in order to filter ads on various websites and apps. Adgaurd uses a different approach here. It uses a VPN(Virtual Private Network) technology to filter ads. It has a VPN server encoded in it  so we don’t need to use another VPN for other connections. You need to run the app and it will create a VPN automatically.

It performs it’s ‘ad blocking‘ function very efficiently. It also scans websites against a database of phishing and malicious websites. It will respond with a warning as soon as we open a culprit website. Here are some screenshots from the app :-


So, the app might not be exceptional,but it completes it’s job of blocking the unwanted ads and that too without voiding the warranty of your device. The .apk file can be downloaded from the link given below. It is not available on the ‘Play Store’ because it is not ‘Best for Business’ for Google. So, you can download the .apk file and just install it on your device.Make sure you have ticked the Unknown sources button in the Settings



Do share with us the experience with Adgaurd.