What made me consider Amazon Kindle 7th generation Touch?

So as you can guess from my last post, I am an occasional reader. From time to time, I get reading madness and I start with a lot of books in a spree. So, I always wanted to develop a good reading habit but I am like super lazy. Buying and storing books can get really messy with time as one’s collection grows. Literally if you ever come to my home, you will find books everywhere, from my Cupboard to Almirah, from my bed to book rack and more.

Before leaving for Bangalore, I remember one of my friend showing me his Kindle (previous gen, basic, non-touch). It had buttons to turn the page but nevertheless I was mesmerized by the e-ink display. It felt great to look at and it mimicked characteristics of a real book. It was easy to look at with no backlight to hurt your eyes. It was a new experience as previously my all experiences of reading from my smartphone/laptop failed as my eyes used to be sore after few minutes of reading. The display was sharp, crisp and paper alike. It had 4gb of storage which means pretty much unlimited books one can hold and travel anywhere without weightlifting few extra kilos in your baggage. but I dismissed the idea quickly that time as I was never in favour of getting an e-reader as I used to advocate the fact that nothing can ever come close to the original feeling of paper in between your fingers and that lovely addictive fragrance from a new book. Also, spending ~₹5,000 felt worthless to get a dedicated device just to read books.

But dynamics changed soon when I went to Bangalore to give interview for Webyog, Inc via Rajdhani express. Well surely it was one heck of a long journey with 34 hours of ETA. I did carry a text book(Java) and  two novels (The other side of Midnight and Sherlock Holmes). Trust me, these 3 books broke my back. As, JAVA textbook was The complete reference (1024 pages, coincidence much?), the whole package made my backpack~2kilo heavier. That day I realised that paperback books can really be a pain in ass sometimes. Also managing that Java book was very difficult in train berth and me being 6’2″ tall, can’t sit on upper berth so I had no option than just read the book while laying down on the berth. It was horrible!

So, after coming back to Delhi (will share that experience), I started my research for e-book reader and did ponder a lot of other alternatives for Amazon’s kindle. But surprisingly,  Amazon dominates heavily on competition and basically own the e-book/e-reader market. Sure we do have Kobo, Barnes and noble and even Sony in the e-book race but  Amazon provides sweet hardware combined with superb ecosystem of e-books and everything is integrated so nicely that you just can’t ignore Kindle if you are in market for an e-reader.

Finally, it’s buying time!

Amazon Kindle 7th generation Touch

Cheapest Kindle with touchscreen!

Well, after the full research, I finally decided to buy All-New Kindle Wifi ereader, 6″ Glare-Free Touchscreen Display. I never found much utility for Kindle’s Paperwhite edition and spending ~₹6,000 extra just for backlit panel didn’t make any sense to me.  Basic edition helped me to keep my reading experience as close to original book reading habit. No backlit means I will always be reading it in light which was completely fine by me. I got it from Croma store, M2k complex, Sec-3, Rohini, Delhi as I wanted to get it immediately instead of waiting for a day as I had to travel the very next day. I paid ₹5,999.00 for the same. The packaging was world famous Amazon’s certified Frustration-Free Packaging. After buying, I came home and punched my amazon account detail into kindle after hooking it up with my wifi connection. In few seconds, magically all of my books were synced with it even with detailed info about the last page I read for each novel.

It’s impressive to see how Cloud works as a magical black-box to sync your progress across all devices.

First thoughts….

I was deeply impressed by Amazon Kindle 7th generation Touch version. Solid built quality with easy to use touch controls is a win win for customer. 4GB of local storage along with cloud storage by Amazon gives you virtually unlimited space to store thousand of books with access on the go. Combine this with great ecosystem+best in class GUI, and we have a Winner here. The user interface is super easy to use and learning curve is almost nil. Easy to use, swipe and long tap to get the meaning for the word on the fly is great.

Amazon Kindle 7th generation Touch dictionary

Inbuilt Oxford Dictionary is brilliant!

I specially loved the integration with Goodreads on Kindle.  For those who don’t know, Goodreads is a social community for book lovers where one can share their list of books and their progress and get recommendation for a new book based on genre. It was aquired by Amazon in 2013 for a nifty sum of $150 million. They also added X-ray features, which claims to give you a overview about a character or place and allow you to jump to the instances where the same have been mentioned. It is marketed as a feature to help you quickly understand the back-story if you are reading multiple books at once.

User interface is super slick and touch response is pretty great!

Ownership Experience: 2 months…

I am surprised to say, Kindle has held up really well. The built is pretty sturdy and it just feels awesome to use as Day 1. I am happy to say that it has helped me to build up a good reading habit. Reading on this device is a joy. I have read 7 books from the date of buying the Kindle. Considering my pretty busy schedule I would say it’s a great achievement. Battery life is just out of the world! In whole 2 months I had to charge it just twice. It is crazy that it goes on weeks on a single charge. I had a minor mishap with my Kindle in first week, but Amazon intervened and made things awesome. Read more at: Why Amazon has the best customer service ever!

Being a dedicated e-reader, it saves you from distractions and offers pure joy of reading!

Some of the Pros and Cons I observed during the tenure of my usage are:


  • Anti-glare display which is easy to read
  • Really portable and slick
  • Great User Experience
  • Huge ecosystem of books
  • Massive battery life
  • Buy once, Read anywhere is awesome!


  • Notorious ghost effect of e-ink display is still there
  • Display looks pixelated to my 1080p trained eyes
  • Page refresh rates may feel annoying
Amazon Kindle 7th generation Touch ecosystem cloud integration

Buy once, read anywhere.

Needless to say, I am super satisfied by my Amazon Kindle 7th generation Touch basic model. Amazon’s ebook collection is superb and Kindle version is generally quite cheaper than it’s paperback alternative. Also, it is delivered instantly to your Amazon’s cloud via which you can sync almost immediately using Kindle’s inbuilt WLAN capability. It just feels right at home and makes you read more and more. Buy once, read anywhere makes it awesome with cloud integration sync to all your devices at page level for each book you own so that you can continue reading on any of your device (with Kindle app installed) anywhere, anytime.

I feel Kindle is a device worth your 6,000 bucks if you are an avid book reader or aspiring to build a good reading habit. It will last you long and is going to be your best travel buddy if travelling alone off course.

Do you also use Kindle? Have you ever thought of buying one? Let me know!