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Royal Enfield Standard Bullet 500 Green ownership experience - Side glory full view

Royal Enfield Standard Bullet 500 Ownership Experience

by Harpreet Singhon February 28, 2016
Hello, folks! If you are already following my fellow author and friend, Jatin Kumar Malik’s Classic 500 Ownership Experience series, you might be knowing that I was a proud owner of a Royal Enfield Classic 350 (Black). I was very happy with my bike even though it lacked the sheer raw power, but still it was awesome […]
Airlift - Akshay Kumar's war thriller latest movie cover

Airlift | One of the best war thrillers of the year

by Harpreet Singhon January 27, 2016
Update: I think Airlift is one of the very very few movies to have a 9.x rating on IMDb that too with votes upward of 10,000. I rest my case. You should definitely watch this. 😎 I’m gonna be honest with everyone. I’m not a big Bollywood fan with movies like ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo‘ […]
'Green Arrow' - Arrow Season 4 premieres

‘Green Arrow’ – Arrow Season 4 premieres

by Harpreet Singhon October 8, 2015
Well Arrow is back for Season 4. It might not be false to say that Arrow’s last Season was a bit disappointing. The cross-overs were good but the rest of the season didn’t do that well. Well, season 4 might change this. The premiere episode of this season was really good. We see a totally […]

Apple unveils the best iPhones ever | iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus

by Harpreet Singhon September 10, 2015
Apple has unveiled successors to it’s last year devices- the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The design is identical to last year’s flagship devices and the only way you can differentiate between the two is through the ‘S’ logo on the back of the devices. So people looking for a new design would definitely […]
OTA Update for Oneplus One

Cyanogen OS 12.1 OTA Update for Oneplus One

by Harpreet Singhon August 26, 2015
Get the latest Cyanogen OS 12.1 OTA Update for your Oneplus One. It is based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop & promise to fix Stagefright with few UI enhancements

Oxygen OS update for Oneplus One

Oxygen OS update for Oneplus One | Stagefright patched

by Harpreet Singhon August 17, 2015
Oneplus has recently released an update for Oxygen OS for their last year flagship device, the Oneplus One. The recently launched Oneplus Two comes with pre-installed Oxygen OS v2.0 based on Android 5.1.1. Oxygen OS was developed by Oneplus after the Chinese manufactures and Cyanogen parted ways although, Oneplus One still receives updates from the […]
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 unveiled

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 | The new Droid King to rule em all

by Harpreet Singhon August 14, 2015
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the latest & greatest from Sammy's garage. It brings plethora of new exclusive features with elegant metallic finish to the table with new *innovative* accessories. Are you sold yet?

Microsoft Windows 10 | Review & Afterthoughts

by Harpreet Singhon August 2, 2015
Microsoft has launched the Windows 10, the ultimate successor to the controversial Windows 8. Discover the various enhancements & improvements in the Win X which makes it absolutely kickass.

Oneplus Two - Top 5 smartphones under Rs. 30000

Oneplus Two | The 2016 Flagship Killer launched

by Harpreet Singhon July 30, 2015
Oneplus has unveiled it's new flagship,the Oneplus Two. They proclaim it to be 2016 Flagship Killer. It is powered by Snapdragon 810. It is priced below 400$. It's a steal right?

Batman Vs Superman Trailer Breakdown + Easter Eggs!

by Harpreet Singhon July 22, 2015
Read complete Batman Vs Superman trailer breakdown! DIscover bonus easter eggs content which you might have missed before the ultimate showdown next year. Are you game for it?

Ballers | The Rock delivers strong performance

Ballers | The Rock delivers strong performance

by Harpreet Singhon July 19, 2015
When you think of Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson,the first things that comes to mind is larger than life action. But this isn’t the case with HBO’s new TV series Ballers. In Ballers, Dwayne is away from all the action. His performance in the show is subtle. This is what makes Ballers different from rest of […]
The Walking Dead poster

The Walking Dead Season 6 trailer is here

by Harpreet Singhon July 11, 2015
AMC has released the trailer of the season 6 of The Walking Dead at the San Diego Comic Con. Rick Grimes is back and he looks more dangerous than ever. The 4 minute trailer gives us a glimpse of what we can expect from season 6 of the show. Season 6 will be premiering on […]
Heineken is now major shareholder of United Breweries

Heineken is now major shareholder of United Breweries

by Harpreet Singhon July 9, 2015
Heineken has made a strong move which brings it more closer to India. They have bought 85 lakh shares in United Breweries from The United Spirits (USL). Heineken is now major shareholder of United Breweries. The Dutch brewer has paid a whooping amount of Rs.872 crore ($137 million) for the deal. This gives Heineken leverage […]