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My quest for a portable mp3 player for the gym under ₹5000 ($75)

My quest for a portable mp3 player for the gym under ₹5000 ($75) | India

by Jatin Kumar Malikon February 2, 2017
Well, I have started hitting gym lately to get back in the shape (yes, being a programmer with a desk job really equates to a lot of coffee). Also, if you are an engineer/nerd, you would know how music plays a key role in how we function in our day to day life. Music is […]

h4rry p0773r – 7h3 ch053n 0n3 | /r/WritingPrompts

by Jatin Kumar Malikon November 24, 2016
Harry Potter is a computer hacker, and the Horcruxes are seven backup servers that he must shut down to defeat the most wicked internet persona of all times: _v0ld3m0rt!

Be an automation-ninja with NFC stickers & Android smartphone!

by Jatin Kumar Malikon October 6, 2016
Recently, I was browsing Amazon just to pick up some stuff from their lighting deals, and I came across this – NFC House Ntag203 NFC Tag Sticker 30 mm Round (Set of 10). I am fascinated by NFC tech and it’s sad that it hasn’t picked up in India yet. So, a bunch of NFC stickers […]

Build your own KILLER RIG PC cover

Build your own PC – Killer rigs for any budget | December 2016

by Jatin Kumar Malikon October 1, 2016
Are you a PC enthusiast or a Hardcore Gamer? Join the fun to hand-pick the best suitable components for your most killer rig of the season. #PCMasterRace
Best headphones under ₹2000 - $30 India - Bitsnapper

My quest for the best headphones under ₹2,000 ($30) | India

by Jatin Kumar Malikon August 21, 2016
Backdrop? It was only recently that I developed an appreciation for headphones, as being an earphone’s guy I always used to feel that headphones are bulky to use, carry and store. But, thanks to my over-chatty colleagues at work, I decided to put on my friend’s headphones while working and I was transitioned right in […]

OnePlus Loop VR review cover hands on

The ₹1 VR Headset – OnePlus Loop VR | Hands on review

by Jatin Kumar Malikon June 9, 2016
There are only two types of people in this world: One, those who manage to add a flash sale gadget to their Amazon cart and Two, those who don’t. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Wise words have been spoken! To much of my surprise, for the first time in my life, I got a chance to […]
Super mini elm327 bluetooth scanner review cover image

Own a car? Be pro-auto with ELM 327 OBD-II Bluetooth Scanner

by Jatin Kumar Malikon June 6, 2016
Hi, peeps! As you know, I am an auto enthusiast, I follow a lot of tech-auto blogs to learn about new stuff in the market. Recently while surfing the auto section on Amazon India, I came across this ELM 327 OBD-II Bluetooth scanner. Despite the crude presentation and item listing, it piqued my interest and […]
OYO rooms fail review delhi 2016

My experience with OYO rooms | Review/Rant

by Jatin Kumar Malikon May 16, 2016
Read about why you should never book with OYO rooms. It is certainly one of the worst companies in hospitality business to get in bed with. #SayNoToOYORooms

11.22.63 no spoiler review james franco show cover

11.22.63 – Bringing JFK back from the dead | *ing James Franco

by Jatin Kumar Malikon April 21, 2016
#NoSpoiler #Review Time Travel! Those who are a regular visitor of bitsnapper knows about my love for Sci-Fi content especially when it comes to breaking the law of the time. Today, I bring you one of the most interesting mini TV-series I have seen in a while (after Fargo): 11.22.63 The first time I saw the […]
Royal Enfield Himalayan 2016 cover

Royal Enfield HIMALAYAN | Test Ride | Initial impressions

by Jatin Kumar Malikon April 11, 2016
Bike tested – Royal Enfield Himalayan Price OTR Delhi – ₹1,73,800 After a long period of waiting with anticipation, finally, last week I got a call from Royal Enfield showroom to take out their all new Himalayan for a spin. I picked up the key of my Classic 500, took along Harpreet to see what […]

Oneride 2016 Delhi April 03 cover

ONE RIDE 2016 | Delhi Edition | Saket-Faridabad-Kapashera

by Jatin Kumar Malikon April 4, 2016
One Thought; One Feeling; One Love for the Royal Enfield! What is One Ride? Well, one day a year in April, thousands of Royal Enfield motorcyclists across the world celebrate their collective passion by riding out in large numbers. It is a day of great camaraderie and unity as the roads come alive with generations of […]
Bittorrent always on pirate box with Raspberry Pi 2 cover pic

Project #3: Create a PirateBox (BitTorrent) | Raspberry Pi 2

by Jatin Kumar Malikon March 29, 2016
Hello Folks, It’s been a while since I posted a new Raspberry Pi project. Well, to be honest, I got busy with a few new gaming titles and was in a quest to finish them. Now that I am back to DIY mind, I will be sharing how can we create an always on BitTorrent […]
The best resource to prepare for a Software Engineer interview Bitsnapper

The best resource to prepare for a Software Engineering interview | Fresher Edition

by Jatin Kumar Malikon March 20, 2016
I generally don’t do this kind of posts as I find most of them to be glorified click baits. But on special request from my readers on the eLitmus secret sauce post, I bring you literally the best (tested) resource to prepare for a Software Engineering interview for freshers. Background.. I passed out in 2014 from […]