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5 cool ways to surf blocked sites in your office college india cover

5 cool ways to surf blocked sites in your office/college

by Gourav Goyalon July 3, 2016
Hi folks, It’s been a really long time since I wrote something on the Bitsnapper. Anyway, I’m back with loads of cool stuff to write about 😎 Today, I’m going to tell you about 5 different ways you can unblock and view the banned sites so that you too can watch cat videos on youtube, surf […]
Reduce eye strain and get better sleep using f.lux

Eye strain? No more! Install this app to save your eyes.

by Gourav Goyalon February 14, 2016
Are you amongst those folks who use the computer at night and suffer from eye strain or sleep deprivation? Well, I got good news! 🙂 While surfing through the realms of digital cosmos I recently discovered a free software (free as in free beer  😎 ) which can help us reduce the eye fatigue. Isn’t […]
get chrome like tabs on windows 10 8 7

How to get Chrome like Tabs in File Explorer on Windows 10/8/7?

by Gourav Goyalon October 26, 2015
You’re probably used to using tabs in Google Chrome, why not use them in Windows Explorer as well? Imagine how much time and space you could save if you only needed one window with multiple tabs instead of a bunch of windows clogging up your screen.

how to crack elitmus prepration material cover

How to (easily) get a kickass job through eLitmus?

by Gourav Goyalon October 6, 2015
Are you an engineering fresher? Discover the best strategy to crack eLitmus and bag that dream job. Bonus item: Secret Ninja eLitmus preparation material.
Notepad++ to A Powerful Multi Language IDE

Transform Notepad++ to A Powerful Multi Language IDE

by Gourav Goyalon September 28, 2015
Notepad++ is a free and powerful text editor which is making the work for developers and programmers so easy to edit code in multiple programming languages without shifting to another specific language text editor to edit or write the code. It has the great support of numerous plugins to make you even more productive. First […]