When you think of Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson,the first things that comes to mind is larger than life action. But this isn’t the case with HBO’s new TV series Ballers. In Ballers, Dwayne is away from all the action. His performance in the show is subtle. This is what makes Ballers different from rest of the TV series.

Dwayne Johnson plays the role of an ex football-star-turned-finance manager who is converting his bonds of friendships into financial relationships in order to earn money. His character Spencer Strasmore got injured during a match which forced him to have an early retirement. This injury didn’t just hurt him physically but financially too.

Now talking about the plot of the show,it revolves around various football players and their family,friends and managers. The show depicts footballers as superstars. Rob Cordry plays the role of Joe,who is a colleague of Dwayne’s Spencer in a financial firm. Joe is also a very strong character in the show.

The Financial Experts | Ballers

The Financial Experts

Ballers show the super lives of footballers riding super cars and dating hot girls. It also tells that fast money attract all kind of wrong kinds of ‘friends’ around. We also see the dedications that players have towards their game. Spencer is shown as the good guy who is always their to help his friends. He is also seen as an opportunist who is good at talking people and seizing financial deals with them.¬†We see a whole lot of women on the show donning bikinis.

Overall Ballers is a new concept on TV and it is seen to hit the right chord. If you have might seen the movie ‘Entourage’ who may relate it to it. It shares many similarities with that movie. Surprisingly,the show comes from the same team that were behind Entourage,executive producers Stephen Levinson,Mark Wahlberg and Rob Weiss. Dwayne Johnson is also an executive producer of the show. It is directed by Peter Berg who also appears in various episodes as the team coach.

Everyone should definitely give it a try. I’m sure it will be worth it. Here’s a trailer of the show :-