I generally don’t do this kind of posts as I find most of them to be glorified click baits. But on special request from my readers on the eLitmus secret sauce post, I bring you literally the best (tested) resource to prepare for a Software Engineering interview for freshers.


I passed out in 2014 from an IP university college which is no longer in the list of affiliated institutions of GGSIPU. That’s right, I am a passed out of Guru Premsukh Memorial College of Engineering aka GPMCE. There was literally ZERO placements in my college as no company bothered coming for recruitment of the last batch, also, the reputation of college didn’t help. We were forced to attend the Open house placements or so-called combined recruitment drives in other colleges ranging from BPIT (Rohini, GGSIPU) to PIET (Panipat, KU). It was a disaster as after spending 10-14 hours in those “drives”, it felt like they didn’t even evaluate all the examination sheets.

That’s is when I decided to go for the eLitmus route as it provided a more professional pedestal for me to have a fair shot at something. Anyways, that’s a story for some other day…

Interview breakdown?!

During the struggle period, I did manage to gather some important/frequently asked questions from a lot of web/bookish resources to create a knowledge base from grounds up as a holy grail to brush up my skills, anytime, anywhere.

It made my Interview preparation really easy as I gathered notes/questions for the following frequently asked topics:

  • dotNet
  • Algorithm and Design Analysis
  • C#
  • C
  • C++
  • Data Structures (Advance)
  • Database management system (DBMS)
  • JAVA
  • Computer networking
  • Operation system
  • PHP
  • Software Testing

That’s all folks.

Spiral folder interview engineer software

Spiral it up 😉

I got it all printed and spiral bounded to make it my universal resource to refer to any interview. It contains all the questions you can expect to be questioned and answers come with a detailed explanation. I have gone through a great deal of efforts to satisfy my OCD for a well-formatted document, hence, you will find it quite neat and easy to navigate between sections in a spiral binder too.

Download here!

Software Engineering Interview questions – Fresher level:

>> Download || Mirror


Before you download the document and close this tab, I would like to suggest that if you go for the cramming route for this book also and just plainly recite the answers as written here in Interview, it may prove to be a negative aspect as some questions are really mind boggling and the recruiter may expect a bit of struggle or problem-solving approach from you. He may simply think that you have crammed all the answers without understanding the logic behind. Make sure you read, write and understand all the points..

Also, make sure you are proficient in at least one of the Object-oriented programming languages as you will be asked to write code for a lot of questions in real time. If you understand the logic and can construct an algorithm, there is no problem statement which you can’t program in this world. Just my $0.02.

So go ahead, download the file, get it printed out and start gearing up for upcoming interviews. Let me know if you need any help or if there is any ambiguity in the file. Cheers. 🙂

May the force be with you.