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Best way to sync subtitles in VLC media player

by on February 14, 2015

Yes, no kidding! Today I will share a very simple but effective tip for the best way to sync subtitles in VLC media player under 5 seconds. Although most of the subtitles you find online are in sync but sometimes you might not find a perfect sub for your favourite Movie or TV episode and it can get irritating when the subtitle you have is not in sync with the audio/video of the file.

“If you are a movie buff, you need to learn this trick! “– Anonymous 😛

Lame old-school method:

Best way to sync subtitles in VLC - old way

Super slow and boring 🙁

I am assuming you guys already know about the painful method of digging into Tools > Track Synchronization > Subtitle delay to correct the synchronization. Trust me, it’s boring, slow and time-taking approach as it is purely static and you have to hit Refresh icon again and again to show the changes. It is not very accurate and take multiple tries to achieve the perfect sync. Well, if you still do it, please don’t and read on for the best approach.

Best method:

Well all you need to remember is the key Ctrl, H, J, K on the keyboard. Now follow the steps below:

  1. Press Ctrl+H – When you hear the dialog(audio).
  2. Press Ctrl+J – When the respective subtitle for that dialog appears.
  3. Press Ctrl+K – To sync the changes and correct the subtitle delay immediately.

Protip: Replace Ctrl with Shift if you are using Linux.

See the following example to understand the same, click thumbnail to open up the gallery mode!
*Brace yourself, Saul Goodman owes the content below!*

That’s all and you are set. Grab some popcorn and enjoy your video. With a little practise you can apply this fix in less than 5 seconds to any video playing via VLC media player. Enjoy 😉

Best way to sync subtitles in VLC - Saul goodman

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