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War never ends quietly.

Brad Pitt's Fury movie poster

Fury movie poster

Yes sir! It is time to review Brad Pitt’s Fury 😀 It has been touted as one of the greatest war movies of our time. Starring big-shots like Brad Pitt, Shia LeBeouf, Logan Lerman, Jon Bernthal with fancy war names a.k.a “Wardaddy”, “Bible”, “Machine”, “Gardy” set up in World War II era, well let’s just say this movie had perfect ingredients to build a Badass movie, which it did become.  There also were rumours that whole cast had to go through a “special training” (including both physical regime and technical knowledge) to bring out the solider like characteristics in them so as to adapt the role and act accordingly to make Fury one of the most realistic World War II movie yet. To read more about the aforesaid training, you can read the whole cast interview here on Gizmodo.

The plot of the movie set ups around mid-1945, the Allies are finally making their entry into European heart. A war-trained Army sergeant named Don “Wardaddy” Collier (Brad Pitt) leads a Sherman tank named “Fury” with a crew of five. He undertakes a deadly mission to clear the way for his army even knowing that they will be  hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned. He is instructed to take an inexperienced soldier, ex-accountant (Logan Lerman) to the mission with them. The plot follows the struggle and fight between the deadly odds that Wardaddy and his team has to face while making their way inside the heart of Germany.

Brad Pitt's Fury wallpaper

It’s War time!

The whole cast has done an amazing job in portraying the raw life of soldiers during the war time era. David Ayer has done tremendously awesome as a Director while keeping an eye over even minutest of the details. The movie moves with a very fast pace and keeps you hooked at every minute. Although, the end was abrupt and left me feeling a bit disappointed. But Fury is truly a story about Honor, Glory and WAR!

I would recommend you to watch the movie if you haven’t yet. It is available on iTunes. Here is the official trailer for you:

Let me know your views for the movie! I would love to discuss about the plot or actors. You can also vent you ever increasing anger and hate for Shia LeBeouf 😛