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back to the basics cover bitsnapper

Back to the basics + rant against Godaddy! [Comeback]

by Jatin Kumar Malikon May 2, 2017
Hey folks, If you are a regular reader of Bitsnapper, you may have noticed that I haven’t written a post from a few weeks now. Well, you can blame it on my life (with stuff going on) and partially on Godaddy for not making the transitioning phase from one hosting to another seamless. This blog […]
5 cool ways to surf blocked sites in your office college india cover

5 cool ways to surf blocked sites in your office/college

by Gourav Goyalon July 3, 2016
Hi folks, It’s been a really long time since I wrote something on the Bitsnapper. Anyway, I’m back with loads of cool stuff to write about 😎 Today, I’m going to tell you about 5 different ways you can unblock and view the banned sites so that you too can watch cat videos on youtube, surf […]

Google I/O 2016: What to be expected this year?

by Aditya Bhardwajon May 17, 2016
Google is again ready with new announcements for this year with it’s awaited event of the year: Google I/O Conference. Every year Google introduces new research in its various projects like Android, Chrome, TV, VR, and many more exciting experiments every year. Since the beginning of 2016, fancy announcements have been there by giants like Facebook and […]

OYO rooms fail review delhi 2016

My experience with OYO rooms | Review/Rant

by Jatin Kumar Malikon May 16, 2016
Read about why you should never book with OYO rooms. It is certainly one of the worst companies in hospitality business to get in bed with. #SayNoToOYORooms
Bittorrent always on pirate box with Raspberry Pi 2 cover pic

Project #3: Create a PirateBox (BitTorrent) | Raspberry Pi 2

by Jatin Kumar Malikon March 29, 2016
Hello Folks, It’s been a while since I posted a new Raspberry Pi project. Well, to be honest, I got busy with a few new gaming titles and was in a quest to finish them. Now that I am back to DIY mind, I will be sharing how can we create an always on BitTorrent […]

Reduce eye strain and get better sleep using f.lux

Eye strain? No more! Install this app to save your eyes.

by Gourav Goyalon February 14, 2016
Are you amongst those folks who use the computer at night and suffer from eye strain or sleep deprivation? Well, I got good news! 🙂 While surfing through the realms of digital cosmos I recently discovered a free software (free as in free beer  😎 ) which can help us reduce the eye fatigue. Isn’t […]
MTS Mblaze delhi review cover fail slow

An Open letter to MTS | MBlaze Ultra WiFi | Delhi

by Jatin Kumar Malikon January 22, 2016
To whomever it may concern! MTS, you twisted little ISP, well you and your policies suck! Now as we have that out in the open, let’s begin with What(s) and Why(s)! My name is Jatin K Malik and I made the grave mistake of buying your highly marketed MTS MBlaze Ultra WiFi data dongle (#8459194713) […]
get chrome like tabs on windows 10 8 7

How to get Chrome like Tabs in File Explorer on Windows 10/8/7?

by Gourav Goyalon October 26, 2015
You’re probably used to using tabs in Google Chrome, why not use them in Windows Explorer as well? Imagine how much time and space you could save if you only needed one window with multiple tabs instead of a bunch of windows clogging up your screen.

hands on with node.js

Hands on with Node.js | HTTP Server – Hello, World!

by Jatin Kumar Malikon October 21, 2015
Update[21 Oct 2015]: Added Express module to host static files on your HTTP server. So, today I was exploring some unknown waters while surfing the web about setting up a web-app on a local server. I have had created my share of LAMP & WAMP stacks. I was just exploring and read about how we can […]
how to crack elitmus prepration material cover

How to (easily) get a kickass job through eLitmus?

by Gourav Goyalon October 6, 2015
Are you an engineering fresher? Discover the best strategy to crack eLitmus and bag that dream job. Bonus item: Secret Ninja eLitmus preparation material.

Notepad++ to A Powerful Multi Language IDE

Transform Notepad++ to A Powerful Multi Language IDE

by Gourav Goyalon September 28, 2015
Notepad++ is a free and powerful text editor which is making the work for developers and programmers so easy to edit code in multiple programming languages without shifting to another specific language text editor to edit or write the code. It has the great support of numerous plugins to make you even more productive. First […]
Are you ready for the python challenge by Nadav Samet

Love Python? Take this challenge now!

by Jatin Kumar Malikon September 24, 2015
Do you code, live, think in Python? So, this is for you. Discover "The Python Challenge" and explore new horizons & possibilities with Python. Dive in!
iOS 101 - Day 0 - Setting up the garage - Bitsnapper

iOS 101: Day 0 | Setting up the garage

by Vikas Sonion August 20, 2015
Welcome to your first tutorial for iOS 101! Learn how to setup development environment on your Mac before you start shipping out kickass iOS apps. Dive in!