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Hey, guys, this will be part two of my Royal Enfield Classic 500 Ownership experience. In this part I will talk about Booking experience with unintended waiting period and how I got it financed from HDFC bank. In case you have missed the part 1, it’s a good read, check it out here: Classic 500 Ownership Experience : Part 1 (Prebooking/Test drive).

Decision maker…?

So, starting from where I left off. After test riding the Royal Enfield Classic 500, I was mesmerized but still spending ₹1.71 lacs on a bike seemed a bit odd thing to me. I started researching on other high-end options in the market. I looked through Duke 200, Yamaha R15, Honda CBR 250R and KTM RC390. I went for a test ride for all of them. Except KTM RC390, all other options felt a bit underpowered. Yamaha R15 felt like a toy bike for me as I am 6’2″ tall myself and the riding position for that bike was bit awkward. I just loved Duke riding position, upright, sporty, ready to jump, like a beast but somehow RE Classic 500 had made the mark in my mind. I just couldn’t get that amazing thump with torque of 42nm which pulled like a locomotive out of my mind. I seriously considered KTM RC390 but it would have costed me over ₹2.20 lacs. So, ₹2 lacs was a mental block I wasn’t willing to cross, call it me being orthodox or what but that’s what it was. The other thing which held me back from 390 was the sound of it. I don’t know how to define it but while Classic’s thump was like a music with beats, KTM 390 just roared very loudly which seemed a bit irritating to me.

KTM RC 390 is a highly tuned beast which is way ahead of Classic in terms of riding, handling, engine and even raw power

Classic Silver Royal Enfield Classic 500 ownership experience

Retro-Classic console

Sure, your all points are valid that KTM RC 390 is a highly tuned beast which is way ahead of Classic in terms of riding, handling, engine and even raw power but I just never wanted to own a roaring beast, instead I just wanted a tamed cruiser which I can use to ride slow and stable. I am personally not a fan of red-lining the engine while riding the bike over 130-140kmph with little or no control of your life. I prefer smooth and controlled ride. Guess, it’s the age/maturity showing here. I am 22 now and all the hot-blood desire to ride fast and vrooooom across the streets is no longer intense as it used to be in my teens. Also, the retro-classic looks for Enfield are super deceiving. So, I decided to go with the Classic but now the confusion began….which Classic? 350? 500?

Classic 350/500? Dad?

The dealer did quote a loooong waiting period of 5-6 months for Classic 350. I initially loved the Ash colour in Classic 350 but as I shared in Part 1, test ride of Classic 500 just fucked me. So, I zeroed in to get Royal Enfield Classic 500 considering the negligible waiting period along with extra horses and tonnes of torque available on demand (read about my test drive experience here).

Royal Enfield Classic 500 ownership experience - Black vs Silver

Torn Apart?

After deciding, now the plan was to break the news to my dad and convince him to let me get the Royal machine. I was sure he won’t agree as I demanded for a Pulsar 200NS in my college time as I was drooled by that machine and wanted something sexy and macho to ride to college but instead I ended up getting the Toyota which wasn’t itself bad but a bike is a bike eh? 😉 So, I told him that I want to buy a bike on finance as a bike is necessary for all small works and sometimes using it to park in metro station if I want to go to office via metro as driving car in peak hours on ring road is a pain. He looked at me and casually said Sure, which one are you thinking to buy? I told him that I wasn’t sure but did a test ride for Bullet and loved it and how that bike will suit my physique too. Very well, I was surprised when he said “Yeah! Bullet is a bullet. Let’s go to showroom and check it out”.

Hold behold, I never expected such an amazing reaction from Dad. We did went to the showroom on the successive weekend and he test ride both Classic and Thunderbird. He immediately announced if you are going to buy one, go for Classic as it has a better posture and would be easy to ride in the city. After riding both, he enquired the price and was pretty normal about it. Guess, only I was the one who didn’t know how expensive these retro machines are 😛


Dad enquired about waiting period and finance stuff and all. He suggested we should try the Karol bagh showroom of Royal Enfield as it is the oldest one here in capital. I was impressed with the fact that dad knows about a lot of  stuff. We went there and the waiting period was even worse for Classic 500 (1~2months). I decided to go for CL500 from the North Delhi Motorcycle Showroom near to my home only. On 8th Dec’15 i.e. My birthday, I came home early from office, picked up Mom and went ahead to book it after my dad’s consent.  I paid ₹5,000 to book the Black Royal Enfield Classic 500. Dealer promised to deliver the bike in 1 week and asked me to go ahead with Loan formalities asap.

HDFC Bank Finance troubles and woes 🙁

We decided to opt for HDFC bank (Sec-9, Rohini branch) for 2 wheeler loan as private banks have a reputation for fast processing and transparency. Little did I know that I was so wrong about this, well we went to the bank next day and we met the Loan accounts manager and he welcomed us and discussed about the loan. Bank said that loan upto 70% of the bike’s price will be provided, so for my Royal Enfield Classic 500 costing ₹1,68,000, 70% came out to be around ₹1,17,000. So 2 years/24 months of Loan tenure, the EMI came to be around ₹5,950/month. We had some negotiations over the processing and filing charges and the manager assured us that loan will be processed in 3 days and he will send Mr. Rahul, the executive tomorrow, to collect the papers and all the documentation required. In between the showroom called me and told me that Black color will have to wait more and they can offer Silver color whenever I want as they just got one delivered to them. I wasn’t very keen about that color but still decided to pay it a visit that evening. Believe me or not, Silver color of Classic 500 is actually not pure silver as you may assume. It is a super sexy combination of both Silver and Black color. I immediately fell for it and changed my booking from Classic Black to Classic Silver.

Classic Silver Royal Enfield Classic 500 ownership experience

Classic Silver – CL500


Some more waiting…

I was pretty happy considering I will be riding my shiny CL500 in a week now which seems so ironical as I learnt a lesson, never trust what a bank says. So, sure enough, we had Mr Rahul at our doorstep next day to collect my ID, xerox and what not and gave me a form to fill which I did. He promised me that he will submit the form with documents by end of the day, once again, LIES! From here, the whole Loan processing tenure was a Nightmare for me. Nothing happened for 3 days. I called up Rahul again and he said there was some technical problem and again came with a form to fill via which we came to know he made some error while filling the former form. Come on, you can’t expect such mistakes from bank executives. But, no problem, I filled it again and he again committed to get it done ASAP. Since it was Friday, nothing happened and my dream of riding bike on that sunday was broken. I patiently waited on Monday and then called him on Tuesday, he stopped picking up my call which was strange and super unprofessional.

I won’t recommend HDFC bank, at least not the Sector-9, Rohini branch.

In middle of this fiasco, my dad asked me to chill and better take delivery in Jan’2015 as it will be new model year on the RC(Registration certificate) and would increase the resale value and stuff. Initially I protested as I wanted to have my Classic 500 ownership experience as early as possible and prices were supposed to be hiked with start of every new year by Royal Enfield by the margin for 8-10k but still I agreed to it and sat patiently. Around 23th, the HDFC bank suddenly woke up and came to know that since it’s a 500cc bike, they can’t solely give a two-wheeler loan to me (being 22-year-old) and they need a co-applicant. *Sigh* More forms and documents and formalities done AGAIN. We sat patiently and nothing happened. I waited till 31st Dec’14 and then on 1st Jan’15 I went to the bank after many failed attempts to contact Mr. Rahul (who just didn’t pick up the call). I met branch manager, Mr. Bharat Berry, who was surprised to listen to the whole ordeal I had to go through. He assured me to get the process done on priority basis. Still it took 4 more days to get it done. Overall it was a very poor experience.

Delivery time!

Finally on 5th Jan’15 at around 11am, I got the SMS saying that loan has been processed and payment is done. I called up my mom and gave her the news. She said 5th Jan(Monday) was an auspicious day, you know Indian mothers, and insisted I should come early from office and we should take the delivery today itself. I took the half day from work and reached home at around 4pm and picked up my mother and headed straight for the Royal Enfield showroom. I was praying to god that please don’t hike the price of the bike. Surely, gods were on my side, price was still ₹1,68,000. I got the Air-fly crash guard attached to the bike for extra ₹3,000 which I paid in cash. They did basic PDI (Pre-delivery inspection), which is a joke I will tell you later. I signed and did the formalities before delivery while the mechanic was installing crash guard on the classic.

Crash Guard Air-fly -Royal Enfield Classic 500 ownership experience

Air-fly crash guard looks majestic!


After what felt like eternity, it was time to fully own the beast and ride it. We came out of the showroom where my lovely Silver storm (yep,that’s the name) was standing in its full glory. The executive, Sanyum, ran me through the basics of the bike like Chassis/Engine number, electronics etc. and guess what? My left front indication wasn’t working. YES! A brand new bike and it refused to lighten up. Guess it speaks a lot about Royal Enfield’s QC. It was a show stopper for me. I told him and he took it casually that you can visit the Service center like it was no big deal. WTF! Who is willing to drag his out-of-the-showroom bike to service center the very next day. For once, I decided to not take the delivery and ask them to get it rectified. -1 for Royal Enfield to not keep technicians on the showroom to fix last moment niggles like this. After a thought, I decided to get it check and hoped it’s only the faulty bulb inside the indicator.

Anyways, I mounted the saddle and my mom sat on the pillion and we cranked the Self-start and with a roar my Silver storm came to life. I pressed the clutch and shifted it into First gear and as soon as I revved it to move forward, it pulled like a rocket. That moment! That moment itself was enough to set my face to a long-lasting grin. Nearest Fuel station was ~1km away. We got there in a jiffy and I got it tank full. Guess what? SURPRISE! As soon as I start the bike, Left indicator started working. Talk about perks of owning a Royal Enfield! Guess she was a bit thirsty 😛 After filling her up, we came back to home and I took it to temple to get blessings from God. Here is the picture of the evening:

Classic 500 ownership experience - CL500 Silver storm

“Silver Storm”

So, this is how the second phase of my Royal Enfield Classic 500 Ownership experience went. Feel free to share your booking experience with me in the comments section below. I will be publishing the 3rd part of my ownership experience soon. It will contain my Delivery to Present experiences of ownership and how the bike has fared till now, I will update it after every service. Wait for it and till then adiós guys. 🙂

p.s: Due to popular demand, I am posting my personal PDI (Pre-delivery inspection list), which I used. Feel free to take a copy of it when taking the delivery!

Things to check for before taking the delivery:

1. Start with visually inspecting the whole bike- from bodywork to rims tyres- anything hanging, out of place, damaged, dented, rusting at the welding joints or repaired (transit damaged) painted parts like fuel tank, mudguard .

2. Check the front fork sleeves (which covers the forks top length) clearance between the front mudguard. If clearance is not equal between booth the sleeves and the mudguard then it will scuff and damage the paint work on mudguard/sleeves.

3. Check for all the electrical parts .e.g. headlight high/low beam- high beam pass, indicators, horns, brake light switch -front and rear, parking light, Self Start. Also check the indication light in the speedo- neutral light, high beam and indicator.

4. Apply the front and rear brake to check out the effectiveness and any odd noise from front or rear brake while braking.

5. Check your tool kit if its complete or not.

6. Take the key and match the serial number on the key with the lock serial no of the rear LHS electrical/storage box. The number will be on the outside where you insert the key into the lock. Also check working of all the locks on the bike with same key.

7. Check the chain slack while sitting on centre stand and then off it. Should not be more then 1.5 inch while on the centre stand.

8. After starting the bike, check for any exhaust leaks at the head where the down pipe is attached and at the exhaust/down pipe joint. Also for any white smoke from the exhaust.

9. Check for any oil leaks from the engine-rocker covers, side covers- rear shock absorbers and front. Don’t worry if you see a bit of oil under the RHS engine cover. It will be form the chain.

10. After engine has warmed up for a couple of minutes- the tick tick noise of the auto de-compressor should stop. Check the idling is stable and not erratic (jumping up/down). Starting should be smooth and not take more then one crank to start (not more the 3 seconds to start)

11. Take a ride on the bike and make sure you have a pillion rider as you need to see if you have rubbing issues of the rear tyre with the mudguard. That is due to the bad alignment of the mudguard and sometimes of the rear tyre also.

12. While test riding, go through all the gears and brakes(F/R). Notice any abnormal noise or any hesitation in the engine response. Do check the exhaust for any white or black smoke while riding.

13. Check for any acid spill from the battery and the drain pipe from the battery is attached. First gen C500 use to come with exide batteries which had no drain pipe but new ones come with Exide or FIemm batteries which have the drain pipe. Look for any spill damage on the engine cover under the battery

14. Check the accelerator cable- should not get stuck when turning left or right while on Center stand. Check the choke cable for proper engagement and clutch cable is not too tight or too lose.

15. Check booth the springs present on the centre stand and engage the side stand. Should not take much effort to engage both the stands.

16. To check for any pre damage to the chassis front. Turn the handle bar left to right. It should turn equally to both the sides and not more or less at one side to other.

17. Handle should not be tight. To check this, lean the handle to one side wee bit and if it comes down fully then its fine. To check for loose handle, apply the front brake and rock the bike forward and backward. You will feel the play or noise if its too loose. You can also put it on C stand and while holding the handle firmly, ask your friend to grab the front forks and rock it forward/backwards. Any play will be felt easily.

18. While on C stand, rotate the front wheel and check the run out of the tyre or at least any abnormal noise. The wheel should rotate freely and also check for front speedo is tight at the speedo hub and the speedo needle is moving smoothly .

19. To check the D.O.B of your bike, open up the LHS electrical box and you will find the green non- pollution sticker with the D.O.B on it. You can cross check the month with the chassis no.

20. By RE rule, your dealer should fill the fuel tank above reserve and the reserve light should go off. But most of the dealers steal the petrol money and give you only .5L(even less) to get you to the nearest petrol station. You can actually demand from him to fill up more then reserve as per company policy or else you should inform RE about it. After you fill her up, if the reserve light is still on then the fuel level indicator is faulty.