Well if you are a regular reader, you must have read that recently I switched from MTNL to a new ISP. As you must have read in the title, Yes! it’s Den Boomband. It’s been 1 month now so I felt the need to share my ownership experience and review for Den Boomband.

What is DEN Boomband?

Den Boomband is an offspring of its parent company Den Networks, which is India’s largest cable TV distribution company serving 13 million homes in over 200 cities. Last year around October, they decided to venture into Broadband market. Den brought a never seen before true 100 Mbps Superfast cable broadband service based on DOCSIS 3.0 technology to North India, So brownie points for the effort as I, being a Delhi guy, have experienced torture of extremely slow “broadband” speeds from MTNL.

Wait, what?! 100 Mbps?

If you talk about Bangalore, it has some of the best mind-boggling connections I have ever seen. During my short stay span of 3 months in the city, I got the chance to surf on a 100 Mbps line and god! I was blown. So, naturally, I never thought we will ever get a fraction of high-speed internet plans here in Delhi due to lack of competition.

Booking time…

One random day, I was coming back to home around noon from a friend’s place and I saw a promotional tent of “Den Boomband” in our society and it had a big bright banner saying “Now experience the limitless – 100 Mbps“! Oh boy! I steered my car in its direction like a dog steers to catch a bone, parked the car and asked for the whole deal. What? Why? Where? When? HOW? The sales guy simply smiled and handed me the brochure. Here’s how it looked:

Den Boomband tarrif plans Delhi


Well before you judge me for my kiddish behaviour, let’s take things into perspective. At that time I was paying ₹999.00+Taxes to MTNL for 2 Mbps till 20 Gigs and then 512 Kbps unlimited and here if we take the closest plan to that, well!  ₹900+Taxes for 20 Mbps till 30 Gigs and 1 Mbps unlimited after that. That’s ~12x better deal. You get my point! 🙂

So, I immediately called the sales guy to my home and booked a connection. The weird stuff is that you have to pay for 3 months in advance to save the Installation charges (₹600), as they would be applicable if connection is taken for 1 month only. I was pissed at this deadlock as I didn’t want to pay ₹600 extra (which are a lot for Installation charges IMHO) but was also sceptical about Den boomband service as I have had experience horror with Tikona Digital Networks by paying a 3 month advance rental for absolutely shit service. But good part is that, Den boomband will provide your their own Modem + Wireless router which is a plus!

Anyways, the payment was made via cheque and the sales guy promised that connection will be up and running in 2 days! Well, impressed already?! Or NOT! Let’s see..

2 days later..

No one came. From here, the whole experience went downside to hell and what followed was, can only be explained by “A Roller coaster(ish) experience”. I have documented it in my Open Letter to DEN Boomband post. This ordeal lasted for a week after *literally* 100s of calls and boat loads of emails.

Den boomband suffers from classic gap of communication between Sales people and Tech team as there is a huge difference in number of connections sold v/s number of connections actually installed!

Go on, give it a read and come back for continuation.

$> Skipping all the recursive stuff…
$> Fast forwarding to present!
[progress size=”100″ variation=”progress-success” striped=”progress-striped” animated=”active”]

*Linux love! 😉

Some Speedtest.net results:

30 days later..

To be honest, despite bad initial experience, I am happy to say Den Boomband has managed to work really well. I didn’t notice any major downtimes expect a hiccup or two which was easily solved by rebooting the router. I got continuous 20 Mbps Down and ~2 Mbps Upload speed with ping <10 ms for most part. After 30 GB of usage, the speed was capped to 1 Mbps which is pretty decent if you have a bit of patience.

Pro-tip: If you go for 50 gigs plan, you get 2 Mbps unlimited after bandwidth cap finishes! 😉

20 Mbps is just awesome. 4K videos load in <2 seconds and 1080P doesn’t even take 1 second to stream. Throw any heavily bloated website (looking at you Verge), and it will just instantly render. Trust me when I say this – High speed internet is a bliss!

Bad part of Den boomband is that you are locked for first 3 months to the plan you chose while booking.

Oh yes, this is a flaw with Den Boomband process/management/idk, you can’t change your subscribed plan until your seed amount/tenure finishes (for me, 3 months). It feels restrictive as it’s basic human nature to go for the cheapest option when trying a new thing. I guess changing plans should be as easy as adding a-la-carte package in DishTV anytime. I am really looking forward to increase the bandwidth cap from 30 GB to 50 GB at the end of 3 months tenure.

Verdict time!


Go for it if it is available in your area (which may not be the case as they are in middle of expansion). I live in North-West Delhi and here also Den Boomband is not fully available.You can check the availability or dial 1800-419-8080 for same. It is the best bang of buck for any broadband ISP in Delhi AFAIK.

Just make sure you have a talk with customer care before throwing your money to the sales guy honey coated words, as there may be a possibility that basic setup is not even installed in your locality while salesmen are selling connections like no tommorow. Trust me it sucks when you pay for a SIM card and company hasn’t setup Signal towers yet. So wrapping up this review. I will make sure to update the post if we do see new advancements in same.

Do you have a superfast ISP? In Delhi? Works like a dream? Tell us about it. It may helps others make the decision. Also share your experience with Den Boomband! Cheers.