>>Final Update #4(14th June’15):

Finally, Internet works magically now. Using it non-stop from last 24 hours and haven’t faced a single downtime.

I really appreciate Praveen and his whole team for helping me out and taking responsibility of their actions. I really respect that quality. Whatever happened in past could have been avoided but DEN boomband managed to rose up quickly by learning from their mistakes and quickly providing the resolution with very subtle and professional approach!

I will soon be writing a review about my usage of this new baby in around 7 days. For now speeds are constant 20mbps which is league apart and is like 400% more than my ex-broadband – MTNL’s poor 512kbps. Here’s a glimpse for you:

Den boomband speed test delhi review

Will be updating blog with its review soon! Keep hooked.

DONE! Read: My experience with Den Boomband | Ownership Review!

>>Update #3 (13th June’15):

Well, I woke up with no internet today. Earlier it used to work in day and only used to show trouble at 10 pm. So, I assumed that they still might be working on the fix. I didn’t call today as I didn’t want to be a pain in the ass for the DEN team and decided it was best to let them work.

At around 1pm I received a call and asked if the net is working today as they got the root problem. I was surprised and told him about no connectivity to which he was genuinely surprised. He immediately send a team to my home to check what was the issue now. So turned out that the problem was with the power supply at their node end where it was getting overloaded and shutting down the internet at night. They immediately replaced the faulty power supply with the new one and presto! The internet started working again.

From 2 pm till midnight, Den team was here near the amplifier on the electric pole outside my building. I received a call from Praveen at around 10 pm and he asked me that if today it was working and yes indeed it was. He paid me a visit along with Mr Ashok(he handles tech). Ashok and Praveen also discussed with me that how they tracked the problem and described me the steps they took in detail which I appreciate alot. They waited till 10:40 pm to be sure that the problem is resolved for good this time. At last I had to sign a NFF(No fault found) paper to give my consent that problem is fixed and I am satisfied with the resolution.

>>Update #2 (12th June’15):

Today also I was followed up very nicely by the team to enquire if the internet is working or not which I confirmed with my mom to be working as I was in the office. I came back home at 7 pm and found DEN engineers running tests on the line(alleged since morning) to make sure fault is gone.

At around 8 pm, I received call from Praveen and he asked me if internet was working, to which I confirmed affirmatively and also assured me that he will in D-block, Sector-15, Rohini only till the night and they will monitor is today also. Great!

Well, I was assured that problem has been fixed but at 10 pm again the connection went down! Ha! But once again Praveen led his team to run test and catch the issue as it was pretty bizzare as we guys couldn’t understand that actually what unusual happens at 10 pm. Since NDPL is the electricity provider in North Delhi, we see very few power cuts and also voltage is always constant(negligible fluctuation) so we ruled out the voltage spike messing with amplifier theory. Today also the team worked and Praveen assured me that problem will be surely caught tonight as troubleshooting multiple simplifiers may take whole night.

>>Update #1 (11th June’15):

Today, on the date of this post itself, I received a call from DEN main office in Mumbai. They listened to my problem with patience and promised to get it resolved by night itself.

I came from office around 8 pm and was surprised to find a 10 member team of DEN engineers led by Mr Praveen already working and testing the line of my connection. I guess I was too eager to write this post without checking status of work. Praveen was very cooperative and sat with me at night to observe the issue and yes as soon as the clock hit 10 pm mark the connectivity went away. Immediately his team hooked up their testing modem and machine to the link to check the strength and the fault. I was surprised by the quick action. I managed to learn few things about how ISP works and how infrastructure is set up from Praveen (experienced fellow he is).

After an hour or so, the DEN team managed to zero in the issue to a faulty amplifier in the adjacent E-block. At around 11.30 pm, Praveen went down with the team to the faulty location and got it changed at around 1 am and surely he updated me. Good enough my internet started working! Yay!

Praveen maintained excellent communication as he updated me about the status of the progress from time to time. I am very much satisfied with the quick action these guys took to solve the problem.

To whomever it may concern!

First of all,


Well, my name is Jatin Kumar Malik(UID: jatmal_3). It’s been 1 week since I took the connection and believe me I have faced nothing but trouble, bucket loads of it every single day. First you guys honeypotted whole society by applying sticker and throwing flyer like ALMOST EVERYWHERE.Full points for promotion and yep duly agreed your plans look good on paper but sadly you have failed it. Den boomband doesn’t understand that one has to provide service after taking CUSTOMERS MONEY!

SoI also became victim of Den boomband’s honeypot when I compared my then-existing MTNL plan with theirs. I called up the sales executive in the noon and guess what, he was here in 10 minutes(just wish the same speed was there to fix a problem). So, I got the connection(SRF#:0048085) and made a payment of ₹3033 as a 3 month advanced rental as per the plan to Mr Manish Singh(Sales executive) on 30th May 2015. He promised to get the installation done in 2 days. I was happy with the procedure but little did I know, no one came at allI lodged a complaint and was promised the resolution in 24 hours. But nope, NOTHING! I waited patiently and I get the call that connection will be installed next day (i.e 3rd June). I took work from home from my office to see to it that connection is done properly and guess what! No one came.

Den boomband is a live perfect example about poor commitments.

It was on 4th June i.e. 6 days later from booking date that too after multiple complaints, Mr Shyamlal(the wiring guy) came to set up the wiring and guess what, he didn’t even brought stairs to use and connect the line on the electricity pillar. He used his atlas cycle to climb on and did a lot of jumping on same to fix the connection god knows how! After somehow fitting the wires(Wiring Completion report#:32022), he promised me that tech-team will come in 15 minutes to setup the configuration. Guess what? I waited and waited and no one came. Next day some Engineers came from behind when my mother was home without calling first and installed the connection(Installation report#:37087) without checking anything and left!

Den boomband internet connectivity problem

Come on! Lighten up already 🙁

I came home in evening all excited just to see that Den boomband was not working. It felt like a huge blow to my heart as I was worried if I did make the mistake by disconnecting my old, slow yet consistently working and trustworthy MTNL and taking the Den boomband connection. To my horror, I was true.

After 4th June, it all followed a chain of frustrated calls/complaints to everyone from Sales team to Tech team to Engineer to Online support! I called up everyone, registered complaints and did what not. But nope, no action was taken.

I went to Den boomband’s, Rohini office, on Saturday got more numbers to dial too. Follow the chain here:

I called up Mr. Manish Singh(995xxxx921), he gave me number of his Team Leader – Mr. Lalit(971xxx099) who got irritated and said he is in Sales team and can’t do anything, also how it’s the tech guys who are at fault and gave me number of Mr. Praveen(882xxxx699) – who is supposed to be a Tech-Manager or something. I had a call session with Praveen and he gave me number of Mr. Shashank(964xxxx540) whom upon calling came to home once and checked it was working and got me to sign the NFF(No fault found) form(NFF Form #25412) and asked me to call him if any problem arises. I kept an eye on internet and noticed the strange behaviour. At every night around 9.45-10pm the connectivity will go and won’t be back until morning which is surprising as it happens everyday and I have complained about this everywhere possible. I have logged a complaint online twice (Complaint #1: ID175611 and #2:IA179890) but nothing, no one even visited since then. It’s been a full week now and I am attaching my call log for you to see how irresponsible this company DEN networks is and how reckless is their employee’s attitude. These are 52 calls for last 4 days here in chronologically arranged screenshots. That’s DEN Network is a shame for you!

I am actually following up with Praveen and Shashank from 5 days now(as you can see from above) daily calling them to tell them that issue still persists but all in vain. They both everyday promises that they are getting the problem checked, promises that a team will visit and inspect the connection and everyday promise that problem is fixed now and I won’t face it again only for me to come back from office and face the downtime. Praveen as well as committed me to send his team at 10 pm twice to inspect, but his phone went out of network area and I kept waiting and trying his number for hours. How irresponsible is this now? Either don’t commit anything or just do it.

I want to know how difficult is to get the problem fixed by putting your best team on it. It may be a simple hardware issue which may not even take more than 1 hour. HOW DIFFICULT DEN? TELL ME!

It is very frustrating as I am a working professional and I am usually back to home by 9pm. After resting a bit and having my dinner whenever I sit on my machine to use the Internet, it is down. I don’t understand what am I paying for. Everyone keeps blaming the other team, it feels like you are dealing with kindergarten’s children. Even typical government offices are better to deal with as they actually listen! You have to understand my mental condition by having to call everyone every single day.

Update: In contrast to my rant above, it seems like that the Sales team are on a mission to conquer. After putting up a mess of pamphlets and sticking that goddamn pink sticker on every surface in society, They are now going door-to-door to persuade people to get connections which is a shame because if DEN boomband doesn’t care about Existing customers and is only interested in making new customers by taking their money in 3 months advanced and then depriving them of the very service they are paying for, well it’s preposterous. What’s the point if your company can’t listen its own customer! I am honestly surprised how is this company even working!

Finally, I am tired of following up with complaints, your employees etc in my first week of service itself and I demand a refund failing which I am going to see DEN boomband in consumer court. It has been a total mental harassment and I don’t recommend anyone to even try DEN boomband in their dreams so as to save themselves from atrocities.

Den Boomband is surely on the way to doom-band!