One year back when I saw the first look at The Flash, I was blown away by the trailer. It was also voted as the most awaited show of 2014. Now one year after, it has lived up to the hype. The Flash Season 1 finale signed off with the best episode till date. The reason the episode was a success was the performance of all the actors, especially Grant Gustin who has evolved a lot as an actor. This episode was filled with bucket loads of easter eggs!

Though the finale lacked the action, it was the emotional touch that made it awesome.

‘Fast Enough’ continued from last episode, where Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells/Reverse Flash was caught by Barry, thanks to The Arrow (Stephen Amell) and Firestorm (Robbie Amell). Honestly, it was the Arrow whose training overpowered the Reverse Flash’s speed. The conversation between Harrison Wells and Barry was a good beginning to the show, with him revealing that he killed Barry’s mother because he hates The Flash so much. He revealed that it was never his intention to kill his mother, and that he actually went back to kill Barry as a child, so that there is no Flash in the future. Though they didn’t reveal why he hates Barry so much.

Harrison Wells Reverse Flash - The Flash Season 1 finale

Tom Cavanagh as Eobard Thawne

Wells also described a plan by which Barry can go back in time to save his mother from dying. This left Barry with a very difficult choice- if he saves his mother, he never becomes The Flash and never meets Cisco and Caitlyn. Also he will never live with Joe and Iris. Jesse L. Martin was also on top of his performance. The father-son bond between Joe and Barry was very emotional. He supported Barry in the decision to go back in time to save his mother.

Tom Cavanagh has always found the right balance between playing Harrison Wells and The Reverse Flash.

Contrary to that, Henry Allen, Barry’s real father disapproved of this decision because he doesn’t want Barry’s present affected by the past.Talking about father-son, Cisco and Wells also had their moment of their own. When Cisco revealed that he remembers Wells killing him in an alternate timeline, Wells suspects that Cisco might also be a meta human(The Vibe is coming guys!). Carlos Valdes also had the best performance of the season. For a happy moment, we saw Ronnie and Caitlyn tie the knot. Caitlyn didn’t get much of attention this week and her performance was also just average. Also the actor who surprised the most with his acting skills was Rick Cosnett. He played Eddie like never before. Dr. Stein reminded him that he is the only one in this story who can choose his future.

Barry with his mother - The Flash Season 1 finale

The last goodbye.

But, this episode had Grant Gustin written all over it. He ran faster than ever and successfully went back to that fateful night. The most emotional moment was when the future Barry forbade him from saving his mother. He had to see his mother dying in front of him but at least he gets the chance to say good-bye to her.

The Flash Time travel- The Flash Season 1 finale

Back to the future, PUNCH ?!

As Wells was departing to the future, Barry returned from the past, destroying Wells’ time machine. They had a fight off in which Reverse Flash overpowers The Flash. Just when Wells was gonna kill Barry, Eddie shot himself in the heart, thus erasing the existence of Eobard Thawne. This came as a surprise. In the end, a wormhole appeared which starts engulfing everything around and Barry ran into the wormhole in order to stop it. AND the show stops at a cliffhanger ! WHY?! As much as I wanted a definite ending, cliffhanger makes the story a lot more interesting.

Barry in the Singularity- The Flash Season 1 finale

Barry entering wormhole? Mother of suspense!

Another great thing about the finale were the special effects. The show already had the best effects on television, but the finale took it into the next level,especially the last scene when The Flash runs into the wormhole!!! 

How was your experience with The Flash Season 1 finale? Did you guys liked the cliffhanger or did you want an alternate ending ? Also did you guys know about the Legends Of Tomorrow teaser? Check it out now!