Well Arrow is back for Season 4. It might not be false to say that Arrow’s last Season was a bit disappointing. The cross-overs were good but the rest of the season didn’t do that well. Well, season 4 might change this. The premiere episode of this season was really good. We see a totally different Oliver Queen. He has transformed into a calm and cheerful man. He has given up his Hood and trying to live a normal life with Felicity. Stephen Amell as always is damn good as Oliver Queen. He seems to be handling the cheerful Oliver Queen really well. On the other hand, the Arrow sidekicks are busy dealing with a new gang, which they are calling ‘Ghost’. Diggle (with a helmet resembling that of Magneto’s), Thea (The new Red Arrow) and Laurel (The Black Canary) try to stop a truck loaded with some kind of bombs. They are able to stop the truck but the Ghosts’ backup arrive and leave with the bombs. They look like in ┬ádesperate need of The Arrow.

The Arrow team - Season 4

The Team.

We get to know that people are leaving Star City because of the attacks of the Ghosts. Enter Damian Darhk played by actor Neal Mcdonough. He has the best first impression of a villain in all the seasons of Arrow. He kills all the major ministers of the city. This is where Team Arrow seek help from Oliver. There’s still a sense of hatred between Oliver and Diggle after the events of Season 3 but they agree to work together.

They successfully track down Damian only to find out he possesses some kind of superpowers and kills a member of his army just by touching him. Just for reminder, Damian Darhk was introduced in Season 3 of Arrow by Ra’s al Ghul as a dangerous person who wants to get his position.

The end scene with Team Arrow trying to stop a train was very good, where we see Damian stop the arrows without even touching them. We are also introduced to the new costume of Arrow. In the flashback, we see Oliver is captured by Amanda Waller and sent to the same island, where Oliver was stuck for 2 years. We see Oliver making ┬áthe announcement that he is now Green Arrow (Sounds cooler, right !). In the ending scenes, we see that Quentin Lance is involved with Damian Darhk and helping him for an unknown reason. We also see a flash forward scene, where Oliver and Barry are standing by a grave and Oliver promises to kill Damian. It’ll be interesting to scene whose gonna die this season. My guess it will be either Thea or Felicity.

What did you think about the premiere of season 4 of Arrow ? Do let us know in the comments below.