The Arrow/Flash  spinoff is here. The Legends of Tomorrow trailer was unveiled yesterday. The show will be airing on The CW Network. It will be premiering early next year.

The trailer was really awesome. Legends Of Tomorrow is a team of Superheroes and Supervillains assembled to confront an unstoppable threat. We are introduced to a new super-villain Vandal Savage, who is a Time Master Rip Hunter, played by actor Arthur Darvill. Now for the team, we have Ray Palmer/The Atom, played by fan favourite actor Brandon Routh, who now can also now shrink to a miniature (The explosion at the end of Arrow’s season finale gave him that ability) . We also  got a major DC Superhero, Kendra Saunders a.k.a The Hawkgirl, played by actress Ciara Renee. We have Captain Cold and Heat Wave, played by Prison Break actors Wentsworth Miller and Dominic Purcell. We have Dr Martin Stein actor Victor Garber. We also have actor Franz Drameh. joing the show as Jay Jackson, who will be joining the S.T.A.R Labs as an Auto mechanic.  Last but not the least, World’s sexiest Assasssin, Sara Lance is back. Caity Lotz will be reprising this role. She will most probably be brought back via The Lazarus Pit. She will be playing The White Canary. Apart from them, we will also be seeing The Scarlet Speedster and The Arrow in various cameos.

Here’s the first look of the show :

So guys what are your thoughts. Are you excited about this ? Do share with us.