So those who know me knows that generally I am not much of a fan of Apple, Inc. and it’s overpriced products. Last month, I received an Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone 6 (Silver,16 GB) from my office to test the framework I am working on. Nevertheless, it’s been with me since then. I never thought I will even use it at all and honestly was planning to toss it in my office’s cupboard and only use for work. But then, things changed. I decided to bring it home and set it up with my newly created apple account to try out some common apps and games.

Unboxing - Living with the Apple iPhone 6 for 30 days

Box is pretty standard with Lightening USB cable + Adapter and Earpods


Living with the Apple iPhone 6 for 30 days (3)

iPhone 6 with Lumia 1520

Initially the experience was pretty weird. I am using 6 incher Nokia Lumia 1520 from a year now as my daily driver and Apple bigger than bigger iPhone 6’s 4.7″ of retina display felt like a joke to me with less pixel density and small screen size but I do was impressed by the feather light weight, and premium(debatable) ~7mm thin aluminium construction. It feels non-existent in my pocket as compared to my daily driver (L1520) which seriously posses damage to jeans if not taken out with care. 😛

The iOS ecosystem still feels very restricted in terms of options and user flexibility. It feels like pretty much of a “by the book” smartphone with negligible customizability.

So here I am summarising my experience in GOOD, BAD & UGLY as per my usage and observations by living with the Apple iPhone 6 for 30 days. Let’s get it started!


  • Very premium construction and surprisingly light weight.
  • Superb Audio quality via Earpods(fancy naming much?)
  • Charges very fast (puny 1810 mAh battery)
  • Just loved the TouchID concept, It’s integrated properly into iOS.
  • Feels really easy to use and portable (Thanks to my bricky 200 g+ Lumia 1520) 😛
  • Snapping pictures is like BLAZING FAST, takes <2 seconds to open Camera and take a snap from Lockscreen.
  • iOS’s APP store gets a lot of exclusive content and also gets priority treatment for new apps and updates by the devs.


  • Dependency on iTunes to sync media files is a PITA (Pain in the @$$)
  • 8mp *iSight* camera falls short on expectation with lack of detail, Lumia’s 21mp Pureview tech has spoiled me.
  • Retina display is no more mesmerizing as it used to be. With QHD displays becoming mainstream this year, 326 ppi seems super ancient (2012 anybody?).
  • Protruding camera bulge is irritating (check Gallery below). IMO it’s a questionable design choice and desperate attempt to shave off few mm from the thickness. I would have preferred them to increase the thickness till camera module is flushed with the body and fill the extra space with battery. 🙁
  • No OIS(Optical Image stabilization) in iPhone 6, though they throwed it in the iPhone 6 plus. A dirty scheme to push the iPhablet off the shelves by Apple.
  • Poor Screen to Body ratio. Vertical bezels are too much. It has almost similar footprint as Nexus 5 which has a larger display.


  • Super costly memory upgrades(100$ for extra 16 GB is nuts), 32GB version should be standard for such an expensive phone with no sd expansion slot.
  • Four years in a row, Camera is still merely a 8 MP module (appreciating that they are improving the tech YOY(year over year) but still lack of details is irritating.)
  • No 4K video (yet?) and video recording sound is still a mono channel. Come on Apple! Surround sound won’t be difficult to integrate, plus you can always give it a fancy name like earSound recording  or something 😛
  • Lack of basic features that competition flagships offer, such as stereo speakers, waterproofing, wireless charging, an infrared port, NFC support(other than Apple Pay) or FM radio. Seriously, I don’t understand the Apple’s lousy nature in these aspects.
  • 1GB RAM!!! STILL? My Samsung Galaxy S2 (May,2011 launched) had 1 gigs of RAM. It’s time Apple stop giving the old excuse of “Our OS is optimized and that kind of BS”. Heavy games like Asphalt 8, Injustice do restart if used in parallel with another one.
  • Battery life is crazy ugly for me despite using the phone sans sim card i.e on Airplane mode. It rarely gets me through the day even not being my primary device. In 2015 when most of Flagships are shipping with ~3,000 mAh+ juice pack, I think Apple should consider some engineering miracle to get over this 1,800 mAh battery unit.


Will Publish some Camera Samples soon. 🙂