Cover image - Mr Robot Pilot

Cover – Mr Robot

Ahan!! A new TV show! I saw Mr Robot on IMDb in coming soon section few weeks back. But I didn’t gave it much of a thought because it didn’t seem that interesting from it’s cover picture. I thought it may be just another tv show talking bull about government and how they are cruel and all that same story.

GOD! I was so wrong! Yesterday night, I was feeling so bored as all the TV shows I am following are either done for the season or on mid-season finale.With nothing to do, I was bored and was surfing twitter and I saw this retweet:

And I clicked on it being a fan of terminal myself(Linux love) and got to know the genre of show is based on Hacking, I decided to dig in. I found that USA network has uploaded the pilot for its new hacker drama, Mr. Robot, to YouTube FOR FREE! (embedded below) 😀 I was like What the hell, let’s start with it, if it will be boring I can always hit Ctrl+W.

Well, before I start how was my experience, let’s just have a 2 minute silence for all the movies and tv shows with completely atrocious portrayal of hacking where everything is as convenient as clicking a big orange “HACK FBI” button and bam! you are done.

I mean come on! So you understand that I had very little hope from Mr Robot Pilot, the so called hacking show. But, 10 minutes into the show I was blown away by the story line and attention to detail. They actually showed genuine commands and terminal screen in show to at least portray the guy is doing some hard work and is struggling through it instead of pressing the big orange button.

The Pilot opens with narration:

What I’m about to tell you is top secret. There’s a powerful group of people out there that are secretly running the world. I’m talking about the guys no one knows about. They guys who are invisible. The top 1% of the top 1%. The guys that play God without permission. And now I think they’re following me.

Rami Malek has done a tremendous job playing the role of Elliot, a computer programmer who suffers from an anti-social disorder and connects to people by hacking them. He acts like a vigilante who thinks something is wrong with the world and dreams to save the world someday.

A show about a hacker fighting the 1% of the 1%. COOL.

The show reminded me a lot about Matrix as Elliot similar to Neo works as a computer engineer in an IT company by day and is an anonymous hacker by night. They both hate their day jobs. They both are trying to figure out what is wrong with the world, the only difference is there’s Matrix for Neo and here’s Society for Elliot. They both are determined to go to the end of the rabbit hole.

Personally, I found the show to be completely engaging and paced just right. The lead characters narration never intrudes, instead it intensifies the plot by adding an additional and often alternative perspective to what might easily have been one-dimensional scripting. If we have to sum it up, it’s like:

Mr Robot = Dexter with a hacker + socially awkward + collects trophies kinda like blood samples + goes after people at night

What is fSociety?

What is fSociety?

At the end, the Mr Robot Pilot leaves a question in your mind – “WHO IS MR ROBOT?”

I would strongly recommend you to watch it, you may enjoy it and if you are a bit geeky/nerd type of guy like me, you will LOVE it! This show has the potential to be one of the best shows of the summer.

Here is the embedded Full Mr Robot Pilot episode as promised:

Have you watched it yet? What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.