One Thought; One Feeling; One Love for the Royal Enfield!

What is One Ride?

Well, one day a year in April, thousands of Royal Enfield motorcyclists across the world celebrate their collective passion by riding out in large numbers. It is a day of great camaraderie and unity as the roads come alive with generations of Royal Enfields and their owners who are bound by a pure, almost childlike joy of freedom and the smell of gas and leather (~gearheads).

A huge part of riding is about the respect and enjoying the two-wheeled bond with friends. Find great riding experiences in the company of like-minded individuals on brilliant roads, amidst stunning scenery and in a great atmosphere. Your Royal Enfield One Ride can be whatever you want it to be. Just get on your Royal Enfield motorcycle and ride.

It’s because a Royal Enfield motorcycle isn’t something you have, it’s something you do.

Delhi Edition?!

Oneride 2016 Delhi edition Royal Enfield

One Ride – Homepage

So, as you must have read above, One Ride 2016 was organized across the country. For Delhi, the ride was organised by Royal Enfield, Saket Dealership. Since it was the only Store ride in the capital, we did expect a relatively large crowd to turn up (~205 registrations) Anyways, we registered for the event on the ride page, and geared up our bulls. 😎

Here are the ride details:

Royal enfield oneride 2016 delhi edition route

The ride plan.

Time to ride!

I woke up at 4 am (thanks to a series of alarms) and called up my team (Harpreet and Vikas) to make sure they get up too. As the meetup time at Saket was 6:00 AM, we decided to leave home by 4:45 AM. Honestly, I don’t remember what was the last time when I got up so early in the morning. Anyways, we (I and Harpreet) met Vikas at Brar square and by 5:45 AM, we reached the venue. There were already some odd 70-80 bikes parked outside the showroom.

one ride 2016 crowd outsite royal enfield showroom venue delhi

The rush.

one ride 2016 delhi royal enfield stickers

A pair of One Ride stickers.

So, we parked our rides in a 2 lane fashion as regulated by mods. We went to the showroom and registered by filing a consent form with required details and paying ₹300 as registration amount for breakfast. We were given a pair of One ride stickers (for helmet and bike each).

One ride T-shirts were promised but we found them to be selling at ₹500. Not sure why?

At 6 AM, the riders were briefed by the Traffic marshal and ride moderators. We were educated about ride rules and the hand gestures to signal the riders/traffic behind yourself.

There were few interesting mandates:

  1. No overtaking was allowed.
  2. A strict single/double lane formation was to be enforced.
  3. To maintain a speed limit of 60~70 KM/h.
  4. Helmet and shoes mandatory for the rider as well as the pillion rider.
  5. The headlamp was to be switched on low beam during the whole ride.

We started at roughly 6:30 AM in double lane formation. The feeling of riding with a group of ~200 people was phenomenal. The whole city was filled with the mighty syncronised thump of the Enfield(s). The (floating) group of traffic marshal was proactive and they made sure that the city traffic doesn’t interrupt the whole rally. Often on the turns and the cuts, we found them to momentarily block the traffic so as to avoid any mishap. Roads were mostly vacant due to early morning time, but we were welcomed by the early riser Delhites as they cheered for us, clicked pics and made videos. The enthusiasm of Delhites leveled us up and boosted the energy levels to sky high.

We picked up a narrow stretch via Delhi Cantonment area towards the first stop which was the outer grounds of Tughlaqabad Fort. A sum of ~200 bikes of our convoy entered the ground the time stood still. We interrupted a cricket game or two of some localities, and they followed the suit by greeting us and taking some snaps.

one ride 2016 stop at Tughlaqabad Fort ground

Back side of Tughlaqabad Fort

The ground of Tughlaqabad Fort had a cemented platform in the middle, around which we all parked our rides in a circular arrangement. The platform easily had a radius of >100 meters and still the circumference fell short to park all bikes. There, we had a nice conversation with some of the fellow gearheads.

I took a panorama in an attempt to cover the whole circumference of the platform. (Full resolution~15 MB)

Panorama shot of the riders at One ride 2016 Delhi

The panorama

Some more images at Tughlaqabad fort ground:

After 15 minute of rest, the convoy was ready to move on. We crossed the border swiftly and took the Gurgaon-Faridabad Rd (NH2). It was a well laid tarmac and we smoothly drifted over in the combination of single/double lane formation as directed by Marshalls. We met a Harley Davidson and KTM group on the way and respect was exchanged.

We drove for ~40 KMs straight at the speed of ~60 KM/h. It took us about an hour of riding under the rising sun to enter the hustle & bustle of the financial and industrial hub of NCR – Gurgaon. We rode along the metro tracks to reach the famous NH8. God! It was quite crowded for a Sunday morning. As they say, Gurgaon, the city that never sleeps!

One ride 2016 at Gurgaon NH8


As the convoy was exhausted due to continuous riding and off course hungry, we rode till the IFFCO chowk and took a U-turn back to the Delhi border to head towards our final destination – Ashok Country Resort, Kapashera+ to ravish over that breakfast. It took us some 10 minutes of riding to cross the border and we turned onto Rao Matadin Yadav Marg. Gates were opened and the convoy entered the resort. The guests staying over there came out due to the collective thump to see what’s the fuss all about.

We parked our rides, pour some water on face and headed for the buffet. IMHO, the breakfast was pretty decent and at par with the expectations. Mostly in my experience, I have seen that wherever the food is served in bulk, the quality goes down the drain. But, it was pretty decent with plenty of options to choose from English breakfast, North Indian and South Indian cuisine with fruits and juice too.

So, after stuffing our stomach with good food, it was time to disperse. We bid everyone goodbye and sparked the self to call it a day.

Bonus pics:

One ride 2016 Royal Enfield Desert storm Classic 500 Standard 500

Desert Storm + Classic 500 + Standard 500 = 1500 cc 😛

The end notes.


ODO start = 7317 Km
ODO end = 7443 Km
Total distance = 126 Km
Fuel used = ~3.7 liters
Mileage = ~34 Km/L