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Hello guys! My name is Shakti Malik. I am writing a guest post here for my OnePlus One ownership review after 20 days of usage.  So here it goes…


OnePlus One ownership review structure

So, OnePlus One is one of the most hyped smartphone of 2014. It was touted as “Flagship Killer” and OnePlus’s motto for this phone was “Never Settle”. OnePlus One was released with top flagship specs and no compromises. It became very popular and people went crazy to buy it. Due to limited availability OnePlus went the “Invitation” route so as to regulate the supply chain while earning good revenues. It was released in India in partnership with Amazon.in in late Q4 2014. I finally got the chance to buy this highly anticipated phone. After receiving the invite (courtesy- Jatin Kumar Malik), I immediately ordered it without even thinking for a second any-more and I am happy I did that.

OnePlus One ownership review specifications

Specs under the One’s hood

What’s in the box!?

OnePlus One ownership review unboxing

The premium treatment to box

The packaging is premium and neatly done and makes the user feel special although it just contains a charger, the phone(duh!) and a pin to open up the sim tray along with a user manual. No earphones!

First Experience:

OnePlus One ownership review build quality

Sleekness, redefined!

Instantly fell in love with the phone. Held it like I was holding a new born! Well that’s just me as I have waited for this beauty ever since it launched in April’14. It looks very sleek and the 5.5″ full hd display is indeed big and sufficiently wide. I took my sweet time checking it out from every angle and adoring the beautifully built and thoughtfully made design. It’s actually slimmer than I thought it would be.

Built Quality:

All I had known till now was plastic! (except HTC ONE series). So OnePlus One came as a pleasant surprise to me. Definitely a very unique experience. It feels very premium and sturdy and on par with Apple and HTC. The phone is well constructed and everything gels together perfectly and as a quality hungry user, this definitely ticks all boxes and beyond for me! Back panel is non-removable and has a textured velvety fabric like coating and finish which looks amazing and gives a firm grip ensuring that the phone won’t slip off your hand without a fight!

OnePlus One ownership review after 20days

Solid built was a pleasant surprise

The sim tray sits above the volume buttons and is barely noticeable once its put in place. It has DUAL speakers located on either side of the usb port at the bottom which are above average and give crystal clear surround sound output. Also, the data cable-cum-charger is well made and feels highly durable . Length of the cable is about 33 inches which is long enough to use the phone while charging it.

Camera & Display:

OnePlus One ownership review camera

Sony’s Exmor 13mp sensor is a beauty

Back camera with Sony’s 13mp sensor coupled with dual flash takes great shots during the day and is above average in low light conditions and records videos at 2K(1440p) resolution. It comes with several modes and customizations which can be easily switched to just by swiping up or down while using the camera. Front 5mp camera exceeded my expectations and amazed me with great shots which were far better than iphone 5s even in low light! So, the cam loads up quickly and clicks pictures instantly . Display is highly immersive and brilliant to look at even from wide angles and stays crisp in sunlight. As far as i’m concerned, it is one of the best in the market today.

Performance & OS:

OnePlus One ownership review display processor

Beastly Snapdragon 801

Oneplus One is not just a thing of beauty, it packs a powerful Super Saiyan(DBZ anyone? :p) hardware and CyanogenMod OS with android 4.4.4 that blew me away in every way. Everything under the hood mixes fluidly to provide a FLAWLESS performance. The phone,thanks to 3gigs of RAM, does and runs just about anything you can ever think of without breaking a sweat, Be it HD gaming or movies, this baby just flies through everything. Antutu Benchmark score for my OPO came out to be 47782!! which was almost equal to that of Galaxy Note 4 and more than the average OnePlus One score in the chart.

It never lags or stutters(not one bit!) CyanogenMod is highly customizable, has several handy shortcuts and options in the settings. You can even change the CPU governors, frequency and I/O schedulers to fine tune the phone as per your liking. Other handy features include gestures, assigning roles to hard buttons and touch menu keys below the display. On-screen menu buttons can also be activated if needed, quite handy if you may ask.


OnePlus One ownership review battery

3100 mah of juice

The 3100 mAh battery is more than enough to easily last you a day without any trouble. Initially I suffered battery drains that led me to frequently charge the OPO , then I switched my CPU governor from performance to conservative or interactive and now I am worried it just won’t run out of power! It easily gives me anywhere between 5-7 hours of screen time and battery lasts from 30 to 35 hours on medium to heavy usage with occasional gaming, continuous net surfing and chatting via Wi-Fi and watching tv episodes or a movie.


  • The default gallery is somewhat buggy and causes stutters while sliding images. Zooming into an image in gallery with two fingers takes more than one try but these hiccups seem to go away when CPU governor is switched back to performance or maybe i am just seeing things.
  • Notification panel keeps switching from expanded shortcuts page to default notification page.
  • Encountered trouble while scrolling down in Facebook app initially but it disappeared after a few times of use(maybe app compatibility issues).
  • But the main bug or hardware defect that irks me sometimes is the non-responsive lock button. Mostly it works fine but then sometimes pressing it just doesn’t activate the display and may take 4-5 or even six tries to get it working again. This appears to be common among opo users but it might get resolved with a hard reset method given on Oneplus forums (haven’t tried it yet).

My Verdict !

OnePlus One ownership review final verdict

Buy it! It is as good as it gets <₹25k

There is absolutely nothing more you’ll ever crave for once you get your hands on a Oneplus One! Yeah it fits the budget ($349) but its not just about the price, you get a top notch high end premium device with every spec in the book and unparalleled customization. So I feel truly satisfied and content knowing that my gadget is just as amazing as any other flagship available today if not more!