To whomever it may concern!

MTS, you twisted little ISP, well you and your policies suck!

Now as we have that out in the open, let’s begin with What(s) and Why(s)!

My name is Jatin K Malik and I made the grave mistake of buying your highly marketed MTS MBlaze Ultra WiFi data dongle (#8459194713) last year. I was facing problems with MTNL broadband downtime and due to lack of an immediate alternative, I decided to buy your data card. Thankfully, I didn’t commit another harassing mistake of buying the Postpaid dongle and instead got the Prepaid one to be the boss of my own internet (little did I know).

I got some odd 15 GB of initial seed data with a validity of a month. It was the same month when I decided to jump ships and got a sweet 20 Mbps DEN Boomband broadband connection at my home. I subscribed to the lowest possible plan from my MTNL connection (TriB 49) just in case Den proves to be a disaster. Despite some initial setbacks and an open letter like this to them, things were sorted quickly and I never had to use your prestigious dongle much. I doubt I even consumed 1 GB out of the allocated quota.

It was until this month, January 2016, when I started getting a lot of issues with Den Boomband of frequent disconnection and downtime, so I decided to again jump ships back to MTNL for the time being, My Den boomband expired on 3rd January and without renewing it, I applied for a plan change request to MTNL to change my plan from TriB 49 to TriB 1449 Combo (60GB/8Mbps, decent right?). Most the plan change happens in 24 hours but things have changed since then and they said it will automatically change on 1st of next month. Wait what? Yes! From 1st of February.

Curse my life, instead of renewing the good old Den boomband for the month I decided to pick up your dusty dongle from my drawer and recharged the same with your critically acclaimed ₹999 unlimited plan with 3G Plus FUP of 10 GB day/10 GB night. I was surprised to see MTS’s definition of night i.e 12 AM to 8 AM.

It is mockable as it seems like MTS is operating in shadows in broad daylight.

Anyways, the plan was activated instantly on my data card and surprisingly the 3G plus speed was quite manageable with ~1 Mbps which although is a far cry from your 9.8 Mbps claim but still manageable. I steered through data usage for next 15 days easily with occasional video buffering on Youtube and regular surfing. Mind you, it was not one of the smoothest experience I have had with any internet plan ever. The MTS MBlaze used to randomly drop the signal and start blinking the dreadful red light only replug it in the USB socket. Also, the signal in peak timings used to crawl hopelessly reminding me of those Dial-up days.

Pathetic slow speeds MTS Mblaze dongle

Crawl it up. Dial up times.

On 19th January, I was checking my blog and replying to the comments and suddenly after a refresh the page refused to load. I tried multiple times but it just went into infinite loading mode with any web page thrown towards it. I decided to log into the MTS control center ( only to find that my Daytime 3G Plus data is over. Though I did have 8.5 GB Night data but I prefer to live humanely and sleep during the 12 AM to 8 AM timeframe because some of us actually have a day job and life to attend to. Ironically, my 4G data pack also got exhausted on very same day.

So, I had 4 NON-WORKING sources of Internet (Den boomband, MTNL broadband, MTS MBlaze, Airtel 4G LTE) at my disposal. I wish I could explain that feeling to you. Anyways, I waited patiently the night, went to office next day morning and renewed your MTS MBlaze with ₹299 for 1.5 GB data for 28 days validity as I had to go through only 10 days now. Guess what? It didn’t work. Despite receiving a text message on my phone and dongle’s control center, I was still not able to open any page at all.

I called up your MTS Customer care number and after 5 minutes of waiting, I was connected to one of your executives. I explained the whole situation to him and he simply replied: “Sir, since you recharged with ₹999 plan which was an unlimited plan with a validity of 28 days, your new plan will be effective only from 3rd February”. I explained him my situation and asked him to put a request to disregard the present plan and bring the ₹299 plan effective immediately. But he simply refused and said that it’s part of a process and he can’t do it and hung up the call.  I tried calling again hoping to connect with a sensible person with a human side to his job. Alas! All in vain.

MTS, I have the following questions for your shady practices:

  1. What is the point of using marketing slogans like “Never slow down” and a tagline “A step ahead”, if you can’t deliver?
  2. How can you even define a plan unlimited when you restrict the Post-FUP limit to 32 Kbps which translates to 4 KBps, that is slower than Dial-ups in the 90s? You are simply harassing the customer just because your internet services do not come under “Broadband” tag and TRAI rule of the minimum speed of 512 Kbps to be called a “broadband” is not applicable to you.
  3. If I, the consumer, am willing to pay more moolah to get the original speed back at the expense of his “Remaining 10 GB – Night” as per his own will, why do you need to force the shameful Unlimited 32 Kbps down our throat forcefully?

    MTS blaze smartpacks slow load

    Smart packs? Now? Really!

  4. After some unsuccessful attempts to load a plain web page on your Unlimited offerings, I was finally shown the concept of “Smartpacks” where you can add high-speed data to the existing plan validity. This image took 10 minutes to load. Can’t you keep something like this in offline storage on the dongle itself? How difficult could that be? Will hardly take 3 lines of code. I can write that for you if you don’t have that capable developer.
  5. Also, why didn’t your customer care executives tell me about this “Smartpack”?
  6. I can see that there is a smart pack for ₹298 for 2 GB / 7 days validity. I even asked your customer care to convert my ₹299 recharge to this ₹298 one to which also he refused. Is it really so hard to do such a trivial change for your customer? Then maybe you need to reassess your CRM dashboard. Simply stupid.

MTS MBlaze has been quite of a harassment and I don’t recommend anyone with a sane mind to ever try MTS MBlaze dongle so as to save themselves from this pointless policies.

MTS MBlaze – Never again!