Oneplus has recently released an update for Oxygen OS for their last year flagship device, the Oneplus One. The recently launched Oneplus Two comes with pre-installed Oxygen OS v2.0 based on Android 5.1.1.

Oxygen OS was developed by Oneplus after the Chinese manufactures and Cyanogen parted ways although, Oneplus One still receives updates from the Cyanogen. Oxygen OS is more stock AOSP based ROM with little customizations as compared to Cyanogen OS.

The Oxygen OS for the One is still based on 5.0.2. The recent update 1.0.2 is just a security patch. This update is focused on the Stagefright exploit, which recently has been affecting many devices.

What is Stagefright ?

Stagefright is the name of a potential exploit that is said to be the Android System itself. It gets activated when a video has been shared via MMS, it creates an avenue for attack through the libStageFright mechanism, which mainly helps the system in processing files. This potential bug is present from Android 2.2 Froyo. As a result, many devices are having these vulnerable libraries. Many text messaging apps automatically process that video so it’s ready for viewing as soon as you open the message, and so the attack theoretically could happen without you even knowing it. But according to Google, hackers have not been exploiting these vulnerabilities vastly. It also informed that users using Android 4.0+ devices are mostly safe, and there is a very less chance that this might affect their devices.

Well, Oneplus isn’t taking any risks with this, hence the update. Users can download the ROM from the Oneplus website. But if you are already running Cyanogen OS, there isn’t a need to worry as CM team has already fixed this. Also, if you were looking for more features for Oxygen OS with this update, you might just have to wait a little longer for that.