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As this post is now top ranking on Google for anything eLitmus, we get a lot of request for guidance/help in prepration for the interview ,once you are well past the eLitmus examination stage and have actual calls.

Well, Jatin decided to do a write up as back in the day, that guy did have his own implementation of a spiral binder with his own questions to prepare for any interview. He has decided to share that PDF for you guys to refer to, how cool is that? Let us know if it helps.

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Hi, guys, you must be aware of the eLitmus exam that provides (decent) jobs to engineers (including me) 😀 . As of now, in 2015, overall 1100+ positions were opened up on the eLitmus platform across 46+ companies and 400+ jobs with salary > 4 LPA! Ain’t that cool? No! It doesn’t matter whether your college is 1-tier, 2-tier, 3-tier or even (5n+1)^n! tier; you will get your shot if you’ve scored well in eLitmus and if you know your shit you might as well crack it.

the best strategy to crack eLitmus

eLitmus troops

Before we dive deep in, let me tell you how I came to know about eLitmus in my last year of Engineering.

Well, on one fine night 😛 , I decided to close my routine tabs and started searching for “jobs portal in India“,”engineering jobs India“, “how to get software jobs India” etc. Google was giving the same shit about Naukri, Monster, Shine etc. I hopelessly searched again, this time on Quora, there some guy mentioned about the eLitmus test. Eureka.

The euphoria soon broke down and after digging on ‘eLitmus’, I also came to know about the toughness level of the test, for the sake of analogy, some folks even relate it to the mighty CAT. Now that’s scary?! So, I geared up and started preparing by doing the smart work, as I didn’t have much time for pure hard work. And despite having a weak maths background (backlog in maths too, shh! don’t tell my employer), I actually managed to get a good score in the test and bagged 2 job offers through eLitmus. (in Bangalore…yay) 😎

Well, that was my story. It time to pass down the legacy to my fellow engineers. And it’s time for another meme.

the best strategy to crack eLitmus

Chris Gardner huh!

The cost of eLitmus test is ₹920 and you can reappear for the test as many times as you want (after paying the fees again, of course). Last 3 scores will be shown to companies.

eLitmus test consists of 3 sections:

#1. Quantitative Aptitude

#2. Data Interpretation, Reasoning, and Problem-solving

#3. Verbal ability

Important stuff

  • Each section has 20 questions and each question carrying 10 marks. So, there are total 20 x 3 = 60 Q and 60 x 10 = 600 marks.
  • All questions will be MCQ types.
  • Syllabus of eLitmus is not defined and the folks at eLitmus suggest us to refer any standard MBA entrance exam material/aptitude material while preparing.
  • But, there are many suggested topics (given below) which are coming on a regular basis in the test 😎
  • Although I’m not responsible if they have suddenly changed the format of the paper and forced you to write a Palindrome program instead 🙄
  • This is just a rough estimate of questions per topic.

Section A: Quantitative Aptitude (200 marks for 20 Q)

  1. Number systems: 4-5 Q

  2. AP GP Series: 1 Q

  3. Averages: 0-1 Q

  4. Percentages: 1 Q

  5. Profit & Loss: 1 Q

  6. Ratio, Proportion and Variation: 0-1 Q

  7. Time and work: 2 Q

  8. Time, Speed and Distance: 2 Q

  9. Geometry: 4-5 Q

  10. Quadratic Equations: 1-2 Q

  11. Logarithms: 1 Q

  12. Permutations and Combinations: 2-3 Q

  13. Probability: 2-3 Q

Section B: Problem-solving (200 marks for 20 Q)

  1. Data Sufficiency problems: 4 Q

  2. Data Interpretation: 4 Q

  3. Crypto arithmetic: 3 Q

  4. Logical Reasoning Puzzles: 9 Q

💡 Attempt crypto problems only if you are really good at it.
Section B is toughest of all 3 sections.

Section C: Verbal Ability (200 marks for 20 Q)

  1. Fill in the blanks: 6 Q

  2. Jumbled paragraph questions: 2 Q

  3. Reading comprehension: 3 para’s with 4Q each -> 12 Q

💡 Try to attempt the shorter 2 para(s) only, you won’t get time for the 3rd para.

You need to score at least 80+ percentile (90+ would be awesome) in all 3 sections to get short-listed for the interview process for most of the companies.

Remember, only percentile will be shown to companies, not marks! So, do a lengthy analyse of the image below for marks and percentile comparison and come up with a good strategy for a number of questions you’re going to solve in each section.

-=Time is the essence here=-

elitmus marks Vs percentile


It’s time to build your own custom strategy now. That’s what Engineers do eh? 😉 But! Hold on chief! Before you close this tab and start creating your strategy, there is something else to spice up things. Yep! The deadly negative marking. Make sure you understand how it works with eLitmus because they do have an interesting algorithm for that. Read on..

eLitmus Negative Marking Scheme

• If you do more than 25% questions wrong of the total attempt then for the rest of every wrong answer half mark will be deducted.

• If you attempt more than 1/4th of total questions wrong then you get negative marking,

• If 12 questions are attempted, and 25%(1/4) questions are wrong i.e. 3 questions are wrong, and 9 are correct, then there is no negative marking. Though, if you answer 8 correct and 4 wrong, negative marks will be for the 4th not for first three.

• Negative markings are section wise not for the complete test.

If you don’t have much time to prepare, then go through the original eLitmus questions from previous tests (questions are likely to repeat!) on m4maths (Register on site to see answers).

 Some More Tips

  • Arun Sharma books (Quantitative Aptitude, Logical reasoning) are advisable for eLitmus preparation.
  • You should keep appearing for eLitmus test till you hit at least 80+ percentile in all 3 sections (trust me it could be the best investment from your side. You would recover this amount on 1st day of job 😉 )
  • Companies hire through eLimtus from June to October-mid. So, you should take the eLitmus test (and score 80+) before June i.e. before your last sem exams! Take it seriously.
  • Please notice that eLitmus score is not the only criteria for getting shortlisted for Interview calls; many companies also look at resume and branch (prefer CSE/IT).
  • Lastly, consider moving to Bangalore (90% of companies which recruit through eLitmus are here) after last semester exams. Even if you couldn’t score good enough, you’ll get a hell of opportunities here. Just get in some pg initially. There are many!

Where is my secret Ninja prep material?

Aha! You remember?!

Download Here

Hmm, so this was it.
Let us know how useful this proves for you. Also, feel free to ask for any help in the comment section below. All the best folks! Peace.

p.s: If you get your kickass dream job with the help of this guide. Let us know and we will feature you in this post. 😎