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Royal Enfield Standard Bullet 500 Ownership Experience

by on February 28, 2016

Hello, folks! If you are already following my fellow author and friend, Jatin Kumar Malik’s Classic 500 Ownership Experience series, you might be knowing that I was a proud owner of a Royal Enfield Classic 350 (Black). I was very happy with my bike even though it lacked the sheer raw power, but still it was awesome being my first cruiser. I even got a custom SANS Goldstar Exhaust for my ride due to which it sounded like pure heaven.


But one grim day everything changed. On the morning of 18th September 2015, my bike was stolen from right in front of my home. I even heard my bike getting started and driven away but by the time I could come out, they were long gone. It literally shattered me. It was mere 6 months old and in top-notch condition. Anyways, I did inform the Police and lodged an FIR but you know how it works.. 🙁

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Black Panther - Bullet 500 ownership experience

The one which got stolen.

The robbery of motorcycles is on all time high and every reader should definitely keep a check on their vehicles, especially Royal Enfield bikes. In my knowledge, the thieves are easily able to make a duplicate key of your vehicle. Now that I know of this, I think I should have been more careful with my bike. Even though my society is totally secured with gate(s) and CCTV camera(s) at every corner, apparently one of the gate was left opened by a guard, which cleared the path for the thieves.

CL350 again or something new?

Well, nothing could be done about it, so being an RE fanatic, I again booked a Royal Enfield Classic 350(Black) after the Insurance agent confirmed that I’ll get my claim money within 2-3 months. Since the waiting period for CL350 is usually 4-5 months, I thought this would be the appropriate decision so that I don’t have to wait when the claim arrives.

So, fast forward to January 2016, I still didn’t get reimbursement from my insurance company. On contacting and probing them, I was promised that I’ll get the claim by the first week of February. Cool enough, but now something was changed!

Royal Enfield Standard Bullet 500 Green ownership experience

The new love.

Between all these months from September to December, I got attracted to another Royal Enfield. The Standard Bullet 500.

This was a surprise to myself too, as I always was a little partial towards the Classic stable of Royal Enfield. But one day, I was reading a review of Royal Enfield Standard Bullet 500 on Topgear India and I gained some interest in this one. The more I started to research on the Bullet 500, the more I felt inclined towards it.

So, finally, I broke the news at home and decided to visit the showroom to take a test drive for this bull. The test drive was such a bliss that I felt like this was it and I decided that this was going to be my next ride!

Bullet 500 – Test Drive impression(s):

Royal Enfield Standard Bullet 500 Green ownership experience - Console

Torque = Adrenaline rush!

  • The pickup was too good to be true. I’m not a pro-biker but still I was able to detect that there’s a big difference between the 350cc and 500cc. The sheer amount of torque you get with the 500cc spec’d engine is crazy.
  • The step seating arrangement felt good and the curved shape ensured to provide more comfort to the pillion. The saddle seats of Classic are great for the rider but not nearly as comfortable for the pillion as you will expect them to be.
  • This cannot be considered as a slow lousy motorcycle. The 60 Km/hr was attained in practically no time in a couple of gear shifts.

Upon finalizing the Bullet 500, I asked showroom management that if my Classic 350 booking could be transferred to this beast and they agreed to it. I booked the Forest Green variant which I found to be really appealing. This time, my Dad decided that we should be getting it financed this time, which leads to the next section.

Financing Experience with HDFC BANK!

Before sharing my experience, I’ll be quoting from Jatin’s experience with HDFC bank from Part 2 of his Royal Enfield Classic 500 Ownership Experience:

We decided to opt for HDFC bank (Sec-9, Rohini branch) for 2 wheeler loan as private banks have a reputation for fast processing and transparency. Little did I know that I was so wrong about this, well we went to the bank next day and we met the Loan accounts manager and he welcomed us and discussed the loan. Bank said that loan up to 70% of the bike’s price will be provided, so for my Royal Enfield Classic 500 costing ₹1,68,000, 70% came out to be around ₹1,17,000. So 2 years/24 months of Loan tenure, the EMI came to be around ₹5,950/month.

We had some negotiations over the processing and filing charges and the manager assured us that loan will be processed in 3 days and he will send Mr. Rahul, the executive tomorrow, to collect the papers and all the documentation required. we had Mr. Rahul at our doorstep next day to collect my ID, xerox and what not and gave me a form to fill which I did. He promised me that he will submit the form with documents by the end of the day, once again, LIES! From here, the whole Loan processing tenure was a Nightmare for me. Nothing happened for 3 days. I called up Rahul again and he said there was some technical problem and again came with a form to fill via which we came to know he made some error while filling the former form. Come on, you can’t expect such mistakes from bank executives. But, no problem, I filled it again and he again committed to getting it done ASAP. Since it was Friday, nothing happened and my dream of riding a bike on that Sunday was broken. I patiently waited on Monday and then called him on Tuesday, he stopped picking up my call which was strange and super unprofessional.

Royal Enfield Standard Bullet 500 Green ownership experience - Emblem Monogram

Financing the beast is a tough nut.

This was the first thing that I told my Dad when he first suggested about taking a 2 wheeler loan. But still he decided to go for this option. So, I contacted Mr. Nitin, who was in charge of Finance at the North Delhi Motorcycles. He quoted me 11.5% of interest rate but later he added that it will be reduced to 10.5% if it was from HDFC bank. He gave me a list of documents that will be required. So, next day my father and I visited the showroom to submit the documents and my father even got him to reduce the file charging costs and all.(That’s what happens if when one has a very good knowledge of Accounts and possess great bargaining skills.).

The executive promised to submit the documents immediately and ensured that they will try to deliver my bike on the same day but even I knew that was impossible.

But to my surprise, the loan got cleared the very same day, but he said the verification process was not completed. After 2 days, I contacted him and he said that all the paperwork is completed and I could get my delivery today if I wish to. This was it.

Pro-tip: In my opinion, it’s better to finance your vehicle from the Dealer itself as it saves you from a lot of fiasco(s). But, you should be beware of the various hidden cost as filing charges that bank executives may apply without your knowledge. If you can do that, this process is preferable. I was definitely on the better side of Loan Process.

Delivery time!

Finally, the highly awaited moment arrived. I reached the service center by the noon on January 17th. The bull was standing in the midst of the crowd ready to be mounted. After some basic pre-delivery inspection and getting the leg guard fixed, I officially got the delivery of my Bullet. It brought me immense joy to finally be able to own and ride a Royal Enfield, yet once again.

Royal Enfield Standard Bullet 500 Green ownership experience - Side glory full view - Copy

Forest Green – Bullet 500

The Forest Green variant definitely was a good choice and was admired by everybody. The best part about this color is that it transforms itself into a calm black shade in the night, much like one of my favorite Marvel’s superhero. Any guesses?


Here you can check some more shots of my Royal Enfield Standard Bullet 500 aka HULK:

(Yeah! That’s the name.)

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    March 6, 2017 at 11:51 am

    Hi everyone, I am confused between redditch red classic 350 and mash grey bullet 500. This is my first bike and my height is 5’10”. Would I be able to ride bullet 500 comfortably. Thanks


  • brosse a dent electrique enfant
    February 14, 2017 at 8:22 am

    Hi there, this weekend is good for me, as this time
    i am reading this impressive educational post here at my house.


  • December 29, 2016 at 2:06 pm

    Whenever there is talk of an iconic bike that has ruled the Indian roads for the longest time, the one name that instantly crosses your mind is that of the Royal Enfield Bullet. Simply called the ‘Bullet’ it had that certain aura around it that made it the wonder and majestic bike for the masses.

    However, with the introduction of the better performing 100cc bikes in the 1980s and the certain problems with the Bullet, its craze diminished a bit. Nevertheless, the bike is now with a bang and that too in a much better avatar not only in its looks but even performance-wise.

    The company Eicher Motors has planned to increase the production of these iconic bikes as people are fast moving on to purchase lifestyle bikes that are meant to give you a better riding experience rather than be used for commuting. The proud owners of Bullet are already gushing about the great looks and great performance of the newly launched bike. These owners like their Bullet for its superb styling, the iconic ‘thud’ ‘thud’ reverberation and its comfortable riding. Even the youngsters that are more into sports and adventure bikes love the Bullet for its laid-back styling that makes it great for a laid-back riding experience.

    – See more at: http://royalenfield.karnavati.co/2016/11/26/the-legendary-bullet-is-back-with-a-bang/


  • Grahame Robert Harwood
    June 21, 2016 at 3:30 am

    Agree with all of you, the 500 Bullet is an excellent motorcycle. Purchased my motorcycle from RE dealership over the internet in February, from Ian Murray motorcycles in Edinburgh, Scotland. The bike arrived three days later at my home which saved me a 400 mile round trip. It looked fantastic and it is… And now that the miles are increasing above 3,500 the engine is running really well indeed.
    I found the seat a little uncomfortable so ordered a flat style dual seat similar to that on the 2004 bikes. Ordered the seat online from India on Ebay and it arrived at my home in the UK in three days (very impressive as even first class post in the UK can take up to three days to arrive). The seat was actually supplied by Singhsons Automobiles in New Delhi it turns out. I fitted the new seat a few days ago and went for a 30 mile ride this evening (it stopped raining today), the seat is wonderfully comfortable and a vast improvement. You actually sit a little further forward with this seat and I find this provides a feeling of confidence and greater control of the motorcycle.
    The new Bullet 500 is marvellous. I also enjoyed owning a brand new 350 Deluxe Bullet back in 1992 which was a good bike but the Bullet has come a long way since then. We love these Indian made Bullets in the UK. It turns out the main UK importer of the bikes is based in my village just down the road from me. And I actually know the chief executive – what a small world we live in…


    • July 16, 2016 at 9:02 pm

      Hi Grahame,

      Welcome to BitSnapper! 🙂

      Glad to see a fellow Enfield rider from UK. I haven’t ridden the Bullet 500 myself for long distances so will have to take your word for it. Can you please share the link for the seat you ordered? Maybe my friend who owns this bull will be interested too.

      Sure, bullet(s) have come a long way since 90s but I still feel new bulls are no match for the thump those oldies used to provide. The bikes are manufactured in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It’s just 1 plant for all bikes ever built and exported. I have never been to UK but have heard a lot of Royal Enfield’s legacy in the last century. Guess world is a small place. 🙂

      Made like a gun, goes like a bullet!

      Happy Riding, mate!

      – Jatin


      • Grahame Robert Harwood
        July 17, 2016 at 4:37 am

        Hi Jatin, I purchased the seat via Ebay ‘flat motorcycle sear for enfield’. The seat was supplied by Singhsons Automobiles of New Dehli for 54.00 British Pounds. Other people also agree that this seat is extremely comfortable. I now find that I can sit exactly where I choose on the seat as I ride the bike for hours. This keeps away the unwanted pain and numbness that can be experienced on long rides.
        My Bullet has now covered more than 4,000 miles and the engine is loosening and becoming free running (it was always said of British bikes that you must cover 5,000 miles before your engine operates as it should). The acceleration is improving and becoming more exciting, the top speed is also improving a little, an indicated 79 miles per hour yesterday. The speedometer readings are set 5 mile per hour fast on UK models so you are travelling 5 miles per hour slower than you think. This it seems is common on most motorcycle brands.
        With regards to your comment about the ‘thump’ of the old motorcycles. In the past many riders of British motorcycles set up their bikes sot hat the engine did not tick over at all. They had to rev, rev and rev when the bike was stationary in order that the bike did not stall. One of the reasons for setting up a bike like this was the fairly ineffective braking systems. When the bike has no tick over the engine braking effect is excellent and really helps in assisting the brakes in bringing a motorcycle to a halt. The older Enfield bikes with carburettors can still be seat up in this way but the fuel injected bikes are set with a fairly high. I estimate these bikes are hitting over 1,000 revs per minute when ticking over, which means that you do lose the thump to some extent. although the bore and stroke of the engines remain unchanged from original design.
        You can still experience the ‘thump’ when riding the EFI UCE and if required this can be enhanced by fitting a replacement silencer. The standard exhaust is fairly quiet when the bike is ticking over or moving very slow. This has resulted in people being startled on single track country roads when they are walking in the road and don’t realise that I have rolled up behind them and am waiting to pass. I may well try a 1950s style replacement silencer which is manufactured to be compatible with the EFI model (available from Hitchcocks in UK).

        Bullets are best when it comes to motorcycling, the fun factor is untouchable…

        Best regards,



  • Deepak
    May 3, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    Hi Shivam (I hope I guessed your name right)

    Even I have booked a Bullet 500 silver grey color.

    I had earlier booked a Thunderbird 500 (Lightning brown) color that time I had seen the Standard 500 in only Black and Green color.

    On a later visit to the show room, I saw the silver grey color and the bike actually pulled me towards itself, and I changed my booking to Standard 500. Plus I have heard about issue with the EFI of TB500 and Classic 500, though pleasantly surprised after reading Jatin’s post that he hasn’t faced any issue.

    Yet I feel that a carburetor is easier to get it fixed, plus the Standard 500 will have a better/quicker resale than a TB500, so I am still leaning towards the TB500.

    How has been your riding experience with the bike, waiting for subsequent posts. Also what is your height? I am 5.7 will Standard suit me or should I go for the TB500. My wife loves the way TB500 looks, so that is why I am still thinking.


    • May 4, 2016 at 8:45 pm

      Hi Deepak,

      Welcome to BitSnapper.com

      This post above is written by Harpreet (not Shivam). 🙂

      Congratulations for your booking. Harpreet may be late to tend to this post, as he is out of station, so I will take the opportunity to help you here.

      I agree, Bullet 500 Marsh Gray looks absolutely stunning.
      Royal Enfield Bullet 500 - Marsh Gray

      But TB 500 in matte black is no slouch either 😉
      Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500

      Honestly I have never faced any issue with EFI nor I have heard for. Both the cars and bikes in my home are EFI and all are running absolutely perfect. Lucky me, I guess?! However, I agree with your point of much easier road side fix, in case you run into trouble as Carburetor is still purely mechanical and can be repaired by any mechanic across the country.

      I won’t worry much about Resale, as all the Enfield(s) seem to get a good quote when sold, but I will advise you to consider it as a long term investment decision as if you get the service done regularly, these machines will easily outlast the government’s 15 year vehicle rule.

      Both Thunderbird and Standard are incredible machines but they have very different DNAs. While Standard comes with old school charm looks and grunt, Thunderbird is a modern cruiser with all the latest tech you will need on a trip. You really need to evaluate your riding preferences. If it’s going to be long commutes on empty roads/countryside, TB should be the best option for you. But if you will be riding 90% of time in city traffic, TB’s handling may make it difficult to maneuver and you may prefer the upright handling of Standard.

      I won’t worry much about the different in Engine’s performance as honestly you are never going to continuously ride over 120 Km/h considering Indian roads and poor civil/driving sense our people share. Both 500cc mills (EFI/Carb) churns out excellent pickup distributed across the rev, but EFI one may feel quicker and smoother due to it’s dynamic nature (fuel-air mixture variation on the fly).

      For the last part, Me(6′ 2″), Harpreet(6’1″) and Shivam(6’0″) are all pretty tall, so we never faced any issue with handling. 5’7″ is a good height, but you may want to test ride extensively and chose as per your comfort. TB has a low riding position when compared to Standard, so you may feel more inclined towards it.

      Also, if you want my secret advice?

      You can never go wrong with your wife’s choice 😉

      Cheers and Happy Riding!
      Jatin K Malik


      • Deepak
        May 5, 2016 at 5:31 pm

        Hahaha Jatin,

        “The secret advice”, made me laugh standing in the Metro.
        Thanks for sharing your opinion.

        I rented out a TB350 for about a week, and then a standard 350 for another 5 days,
        got a Standard 500 for a long test drive(1 full day, which says so much about the
        RE sales department, these guys just rock),
        I drive daily from South Delhi to Noida Phase 2 for work, so that was a long drive of
        60kms to and fro on the Standard 500 too.

        I loved the riding stance on Thunderbird, I was initially afraid of riding the Standard 500,
        because of its higher seat (by about 20mm) but it turned out to be a good ride.

        In fact I noticed that due to slight sluggishness in the Standard 500, compared to TB500/Classic 500,
        the Standard accelerates smoother.

        For the RE’s EFI, I have heard the issue from many different sources.
        The bike rental guys in Karol Bagh are wary of RE’s EFI and suggested me to go for any RE bike with a carb.
        My brother-in-law who has a Desert Storm has had to get his fuel pump changed.
        I have heard it is due to inconsistent fuel quality at different places, or probably if the fuel in the tank
        dips below a certain level.

        But at the same time I have your ownership experience and of few others who own a Classic 500, and they haven’t
        had any issue.

        Will definitely let you know what I finally choose.

        Thanks again for sharing your opinion.


        • Parveen
          September 22, 2016 at 9:17 pm

          Go for standard 500 …nd u will never regret….trust me…..i have std 500 ….its a bliss to ride this bull


          • September 24, 2016 at 7:37 pm

            All bullets are fun IMHO, depends on your built and riding posture though. 🙂


            • Mahesh K
              January 12, 2017 at 10:35 pm

              Hi jatin,
              I was just going through the posts,
              I had booked chestnut classic 350, but changed to standard 500 forest green at the last moment.
              It is in due for delivery on February 1st.
              Hopefully I think it’s a good selection from me.
              Please advise


              • January 25, 2017 at 10:58 am

                Hi Mahesh,

                Well, I have had a chance to ride both Classic 350 and Standard 500. It’s more of a personal preference though I am a sucker for extra torque the 500cc provides. It almost feels like riding a locomotive. You are not going to regret the decision IMO.

                Happy Riding,
                Jatin K Malik


    • Vishal
      September 2, 2016 at 5:29 pm

      TB500 looks good but riding standard 500 will make you feel boss


    • Vishal
      September 2, 2016 at 5:29 pm

      TB500 looks good but riding standard 500 will make you feel boss


    • don bhimsen
      August 30, 2017 at 5:30 pm

      Dear Mr.Deepak,
      This is the Squadron Leader Bheemsen advicing you sir. I have been riding standard 500cc MarshGrey since 1 month and believe me no TB or nothing not even a harley can even beat its comfort and the royal feeling and the power of the 500cc beast!!! when you buy any thing buy it to keep it for ever!!! dont even think of selling/ resale value etc., It is you who must drive and not your wife who loves the look of a TB…. so please be adviced that 500cc standard with oxygen sensor, fuel indicator and EFI engine and no carburettor are amazing features , trouble free drives and you will love the beast for ever!!!! believe me and speak to me on 9986053749 and let me know your experience after buying this Charmy Awesome looking and performing bike!! There is no substitute for an RE standard 500cc Marsh greay!!! Its like my MIG 29!!!! ever performer always!!!


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