Update#SanskariJamesBond on Twitter is more entertaining than the movie itself. Checkout how Indian censor board, yet again, manages to be an “idiot” hypocrite even in 2015.

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The plan?

So, yesterday evening, I had pretty much nothing to do. I called up my society buddies Harpreet and Dev (Vaibhav) 😛 and made a plan for the new Bond movie – Spectre, probably the last one for Daniel Craig. I was hugely impressed by the last installation in Bond series, i.e. Skyfall. It had everything from emotional connection-mystery-drama-suspense, which made it earn place into my top 3 bond movies of all times.

Naturally I had similar expectations from the Spectre. So, we checked BMS and yes there was a show at 7:10 PM at DT Cinemas, Shalimar Bagh (one of the best in North-West Delhi). We planned to meet up at 6:15 PM in our society to leave for the hall. At ~6:30 PM, after continuous abuses, we finally started for the movie hall from home on my Enfield and Dev’s Scooty. We got to DT before 7 PM, bought the tickets and settled down at our seats in the hall.

Spectre begins..

The movie opened up with a kickass scene setup in Mexico’s famed Day of the Dead parade. The bond enters wearing a badass Skull mask and then begins, a series of action packed sequence which will keep you on the edge of your seat. That scene is a pure masterpiece and is one of the best bond movie’s opening at par with the Casino Royale’s one.

But sadly the movie starts wearing off after that. Spectre feels like the longest Bond film of all time (~148 minutes run time). Since this movie exists in the same universe as last 3 movies, this one tries to act as a bridge between all of them by tying up the loose ends, where it has done a great job IMHO. As the direct sequel to Skyfall, no doubt that Spectre generates a lot of hypes but all high expectations are brought down to a moderate level after the theme song opening.

Spectre is a nice throwback to classic Bond but the bits of humor didn’t really mix in with the seriousness of Craig’s Bond films nor did it really mix well with Spectre. Craig’s Bond just doesn’t have the kind of personality to pull it off, He looked far too stone face through out.

My buds were really excited about WWE fame: Dave Bautista starring in the movie. It was a bit disappointing as it felt like he was signed just for sake of it. He enters the scene from no where and is out in no time. You will be left thinking in intense actions scenes that now is that moment when he will suddenly reappear from somewhere in the middle of fight but it doesn’t happen.

Spectre opening skull mexico action scene

One of the best opening in Bond movies.

There is something that makes a set-piece in a modern 007 film more engaging than other movies. And it’s the fact that almost all of them are more realistic now. There are problems however, especially in the form of character development and the story. Whilst Lea Seydoux gives an impressive performance, and Ben Wishaw’s portrayal of Q is further developed expertly, Christoph Waltz’s role as the main villain is underwhelming in a narrative sense. I also have a slight grumble about Andrew Scott who plays Moriarty so well in Sherlock. He plays a typical government bureaucrat who is determined to make “Double O programme” a history for MI6. I believe they could have done a better job with him. Monica Belluci has a short performance (even shorter thanks to Indian censor board) but still can steal a few moments and gets deeply etched into our minds.

It appears that Mendes as the director, and Daniel Craig as Bond have past their prime in bringing James Bond to screen.


Spectre is a quintessential bond film. Filled with fun, action, beautiful women, questionable choices by the main villain. It’s really everything that we’ve learned about Bond. It brought back memories of Austin Powers and Dr. Evil toying with each other.

There were few moments which was a node to old villain mentality: “I’m going to leave them alone and not actually witness them dying. I’m just going to assume it all went to plan.” What?!

A lot of things in Spectre were intended to be homage to the previous Bond era. While some things, like the exploding watch, the customized Aston Martin and Dave Bautista’s silent henchman fit well, others like Blofeld’s character appear not like a subtle nod, but as something abruptly taken straight out of a 60s film and as a result looking out of place.

Spectre Daniel craig in his last movie

The last bond game for Daniel?

Yet in spite of the apparent plot faults, Spectre still manages to work and I enjoyed it in pieces. It is inferior to Skyfall (and Casino Royale, for that matter), but putting it in the same line with Quantum of Solace is unjust. It still is a potent action movie, and agent 007 just refuses to go out of style. Perhaps it’s time to stir things up and change the main lead? I personally am looking forward to see which direction will the franchise take in the nearest future.

Nevertheless, Spectre acts as a good send-off for both and is certainly a film worth watching in the cinema. Let me know your thoughts about the movie in comment section below.

Here is the official Spectre trailer for your viewing pleasure: