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Be an automation-ninja with NFC stickers & Android smartphone!

by Jatin Kumar Malikon October 6, 2016
Recently, I was browsing Amazon just to pick up some stuff from their lighting deals, and I came across this – NFC House Ntag203 NFC Tag Sticker 30 mm Round (Set of 10). I am fascinated by NFC tech and it’s sad that it hasn’t picked up in India yet. So, a bunch of NFC stickers […]

Google I/O 2016: What to be expected this year?

by Aditya Bhardwajon May 17, 2016
Google is again ready with new announcements for this year with it’s awaited event of the year: Google I/O Conference. Every year Google introduces new research in its various projects like Android, Chrome, TV, VR, and many more exciting experiments every year. Since the beginning of 2016, fancy announcements have been there by giants like Facebook and […]
OTA Update for Oneplus One

Cyanogen OS 12.1 OTA Update for Oneplus One

by Harpreet Singhon August 26, 2015
Get the latest Cyanogen OS 12.1 OTA Update for your Oneplus One. It is based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop & promise to fix Stagefright with few UI enhancements

Oxygen OS update for Oneplus One

Oxygen OS update for Oneplus One | Stagefright patched

by Harpreet Singhon August 17, 2015
Oneplus has recently released an update for Oxygen OS for their last year flagship device, the Oneplus One. The recently launched Oneplus Two comes with pre-installed Oxygen OS v2.0 based on Android 5.1.1. Oxygen OS was developed by Oneplus after the Chinese manufactures and Cyanogen parted ways although, Oneplus One still receives updates from the […]
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 unveiled

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 | The new Droid King to rule em all

by Harpreet Singhon August 14, 2015
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the latest & greatest from Sammy's garage. It brings plethora of new exclusive features with elegant metallic finish to the table with new *innovative* accessories. Are you sold yet?

Android 101 - Day 4 - Intent in Android Application Development

Android 101 : Day 4 | Intent In Android

by Rajaton August 11, 2015
Activities, Yay! Learn how to design a Multi-Activity App using the concepts of Intent In Android & build something great. Oh, and Source code is included! ;)
Oneplus Two - Top 5 smartphones under Rs. 30000

Oneplus Two | The 2016 Flagship Killer launched

by Harpreet Singhon July 30, 2015
Oneplus has unveiled it's new flagship,the Oneplus Two. They proclaim it to be 2016 Flagship Killer. It is powered by Snapdragon 810. It is priced below 400$. It's a steal right?
Motorola smartphone line for 2015

Hello Moto! Motorola stepped up their smartphone game today.

by Jatin Kumar Malikon July 29, 2015
Motorola had a kickass day today with the launch of two new Moto X and Moto G for 2015. Jump in now to discover if you should consider these devices or not!

Android 101 - Day 3 - Hybrid Approach In Android Application Development

Android 101 : Day 3 | Hybrid Approach

by Rajaton July 27, 2015
In this post you'll learn, how to develop a Caller Application using Hybrid Approach and Intents in Android OS. Get your hands-on session now!
Android 101 - Day 2 - Approaches In Android Application Development

Android 101 : Day 2 | Approaches In Android

by Rajaton July 21, 2015
In this post you will discover how to create a 'Simple Toast Application' using both XML and JAVA Approaches In Android Application development. Learn now!

Android 101 - Day 1 - Building your first android application

Android 101 : Day 1 | Building Your First App

by Rajaton July 15, 2015
Welcome to our Second Tutorial for Android Application Development. Today you will be Building Your First App – a simple “Hello World” Application. But first we will learn how to set up an Android Emulator, Use Dalvik Debug Monitor Service (DDMS) to get list of connected devices, and finally we’ll run our Application on the […]
Android 101 - Day 0 - Setup Development Environment

Android 101: Day 0 | Development Environment

by Rajaton July 8, 2015
This tutorial is for beginners, to help them set up Development Environment for Android Application building. After completing this tutorial you will be ready to start building Basic Android Applications.
one plus one ownership review final verdict

Top 5 Custom roms for Oneplus One

by Harpreet Singhon July 2, 2015
Check out the Top 5 Custom roms for Oneplus One. You can now try amazing ROMs like CyanogenMod 12.1, Resurrection ROM, Euphoria OS, BlissPop and more!