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Be an automation-ninja with NFC stickers & Android smartphone!

by Jatin Kumar Malikon October 6, 2016
Recently, I was browsing Amazon just to pick up some stuff from their lighting deals, and I came across this – NFC House Ntag203 NFC Tag Sticker 30 mm Round (Set of 10). I am fascinated by NFC tech and it’s sad that it hasn’t picked up in India yet. So, a bunch of NFC stickers […]
Bittorrent always on pirate box with Raspberry Pi 2 cover pic

Project #3: Create a PirateBox (BitTorrent) | Raspberry Pi 2

by Jatin Kumar Malikon March 29, 2016
Hello Folks, It’s been a while since I posted a new Raspberry Pi project. Well, to be honest, I got busy with a few new gaming titles and was in a quest to finish them. Now that I am back to DIY mind, I will be sharing how can we create an always on BitTorrent […]
create your lamp server with wordpress on raspberry pi 2

Project #2: Create your own LAMP web server | Raspberry Pi 2

by Jatin Kumar Malikon December 10, 2015
So, it’s been a while since I posted some Raspberry Pi stuff. Been a bit busy so excuse me here. Today we will create a LAMP server on our Pi and host wordpress on it so you can create a kickass blog locally and then if you wish to, you can either buy a dedicated […]

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B 1GB cover

Raspberry Pi 2 – Model B 1GB | All you need to know

by Jatin Kumar Malikon October 22, 2015
Update[22 Oct 2015]: Added some essential software(s) to have on your Raspberry Pi 2! So, the coolest thing happened and I decided to finally buy the famous $35 computer last week. Yes! Raspberry Pi 2 – MODB – 1GB – Quad core it is. Raspberry Pi 2 was in my gadget’s bucket list from almost a year now. […]