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KTM RC 390 Greasehouse Grunt performance exhaust v2 cover

Self installation guide for Greasehouse GRUNT Performance Exhaust v2 on KTM RC 390 (2016)

by Jatin Kumar Malikon January 3, 2018
It was just another Sunday (17th December 2017), and I was lazying around soaking some sunlight in my home’s terrace and suddenly my phone started ringing. It was my bud Siddharth Roy – sidroy0508 (will call him Roy from now on). He wanted some help in installing some accessory on his KTM RC 390 (that’s […]

Be an automation-ninja with NFC stickers & Android smartphone!

by Jatin Kumar Malikon October 6, 2016
Recently, I was browsing Amazon just to pick up some stuff from their lighting deals, and I came across this – NFC House Ntag203 NFC Tag Sticker 30 mm Round (Set of 10). I am fascinated by NFC tech and it’s sad that it hasn’t picked up in India yet. So, a bunch of NFC stickers […]
Bittorrent always on pirate box with Raspberry Pi 2 cover pic

Project #3: Create a PirateBox (BitTorrent) | Raspberry Pi 2

by Jatin Kumar Malikon March 29, 2016
Hello Folks, It’s been a while since I posted a new Raspberry Pi project. Well, to be honest, I got busy with a few new gaming titles and was in a quest to finish them. Now that I am back to DIY mind, I will be sharing how can we create an always on BitTorrent […]

create your lamp server with wordpress on raspberry pi 2

Project #2: Create your own LAMP web server | Raspberry Pi 2

by Jatin Kumar Malikon December 10, 2015
So, it’s been a while since I posted some Raspberry Pi stuff. Been a bit busy so excuse me here. Today we will create a LAMP server on our Pi and host wordpress on it so you can create a kickass blog locally and then if you wish to, you can either buy a dedicated […]
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B 1GB cover

Raspberry Pi 2 – Model B 1GB | All you need to know

by Jatin Kumar Malikon October 22, 2015
Update[22 Oct 2015]: Added some essential software(s) to have on your Raspberry Pi 2! So, the coolest thing happened and I decided to finally buy the famous $35 computer last week. Yes! Raspberry Pi 2 – MODB – 1GB – Quad core it is. Raspberry Pi 2 was in my gadget’s bucket list from almost a year now. […]