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back to the basics cover bitsnapper

Back to the basics + rant against Godaddy! [Comeback]

by Jatin Kumar Malikon May 2, 2017
Hey folks, If you are a regular reader of Bitsnapper, you may have noticed that I haven’t written a post from a few weeks now. Well, you can blame it on my life (with stuff going on) and partially on Godaddy for not making the transitioning phase from one hosting to another seamless. This blog […]
5 cool ways to surf blocked sites in your office college india cover

5 cool ways to surf blocked sites in your office/college

by Gourav Goyalon July 3, 2016
Hi folks, It’s been a really long time since I wrote something on the Bitsnapper. Anyway, I’m back with loads of cool stuff to write about 😎 Today, I’m going to tell you about 5 different ways you can unblock and view the banned sites so that you too can watch cat videos on youtube, surf […]
Bittorrent always on pirate box with Raspberry Pi 2 cover pic

Project #3: Create a PirateBox (BitTorrent) | Raspberry Pi 2

by Jatin Kumar Malikon March 29, 2016
Hello Folks, It’s been a while since I posted a new Raspberry Pi project. Well, to be honest, I got busy with a few new gaming titles and was in a quest to finish them. Now that I am back to DIY mind, I will be sharing how can we create an always on BitTorrent […]

create your lamp server with wordpress on raspberry pi 2

Project #2: Create your own LAMP web server | Raspberry Pi 2

by Jatin Kumar Malikon December 10, 2015
So, it’s been a while since I posted some Raspberry Pi stuff. Been a bit busy so excuse me here. Today we will create a LAMP server on our Pi and host wordpress on it so you can create a kickass blog locally and then if you wish to, you can either buy a dedicated […]
Create a Network attached storage using Raspberry Pi 2

Project #1: Create a Network attached storage | Raspberry Pi 2

by Jatin Kumar Malikon November 4, 2015
As you guys know, I recently bought the revolutionary $35 computer, Raspberry Pi 2. I have had quite a fun time experimenting with it’s capabilities to understand how I can utilize it in a best way possible. I did a alot of quick dirty projects like Twitter Bot, FTP/HTTP servers, SensorPi, RetroPi, Ad blocker DNS etc. […]

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B 1GB cover

Raspberry Pi 2 – Model B 1GB | All you need to know

by Jatin Kumar Malikon October 22, 2015
Update[22 Oct 2015]: Added some essential software(s) to have on your Raspberry Pi 2! So, the coolest thing happened and I decided to finally buy the famous $35 computer last week. Yes! Raspberry Pi 2 – MODB – 1GB – Quad core it is. Raspberry Pi 2 was in my gadget’s bucket list from almost a year now. […]
how to crack elitmus prepration material cover

How to (easily) get a kickass job through eLitmus?

by Gourav Goyalon October 6, 2015
Are you an engineering fresher? Discover the best strategy to crack eLitmus and bag that dream job. Bonus item: Secret Ninja eLitmus preparation material.
Notepad++ to A Powerful Multi Language IDE

Transform Notepad++ to A Powerful Multi Language IDE

by Gourav Goyalon September 28, 2015
Notepad++ is a free and powerful text editor which is making the work for developers and programmers so easy to edit code in multiple programming languages without shifting to another specific language text editor to edit or write the code. It has the great support of numerous plugins to make you even more productive. First […]


Adgaurd – An ad blocker which works without root!

by Harpreet Singhon June 13, 2015
Most of the people that root their phone do it solely for one purpose – ‘Get rid of the ads’. All the rooted users will be familiar with apps like Adblock Plus and Adaway(My personal favourite). Now comes a relatively new app, the Adgaurd. Adgaurd is an ad blocker which works without root! Yes, it’s […]
Disable ads from utorrent free version poster Bitsnapper

How to disable ads from uTorrent like a pro?

by Jatin Kumar Malikon May 11, 2015
We all love torrents(for legit purposes) 😛 and most of us use uTorrent. It makes sense as uTorrent is a lightweight BitTorrent client which is a little over 1 MB in size and claims to never hog your valuable system resources. It works great and as far as I remember, it’s my de-facto choice since my introduction to […]

Best way to sync subtitles in VLC media player

by Jatin Kumar Malikon February 14, 2015
Yes, no kidding! Today I will share a very simple but effective tip for the best way to sync subtitles in VLC media player under 5 seconds. Although most of the subtitles you find online are in sync but sometimes you might not find a perfect sub for your favorite Movie or TV episode and it […]