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Apple unveils the best iPhones ever | iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus

by Harpreet Singhon September 10, 2015
Apple has unveiled successors to it’s last year devices- the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The design is identical to last year’s flagship devices and the only way you can differentiate between the two is through the ‘S’ logo on the back of the devices. So people looking for a new design would definitely […]

How to set a custom ringtone on Apple iPhone via iTunes v12?

by Jatin Kumar Malikon August 9, 2015
Discover how to set your favourite ringtone on your iDevice in 6 super-easy steps! It won't even take you more than 120 seconds to get going, We promise!
Living with the Apple iPhone 6 for 30 days Cover image

Living with the Apple iPhone 6 for 30 days

by Jatin Kumar Malikon April 8, 2015
So those who know me knows that generally I am not much of a fan of Apple, Inc. and it’s overpriced products. Last month, I received an Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone 6 (Silver,16 GB) from my office to test the framework I am working on. Nevertheless, it’s been with me since then. I never thought […]