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Microsoft Windows 10 | Review & Afterthoughts

by Harpreet Singhon August 2, 2015
Microsoft has launched the Windows 10, the ultimate successor to the controversial Windows 8. Discover the various enhancements & improvements in the Win X which makes it absolutely kickass.
Microsoft Build 2015 - Bitsnapper

BUILD 2015 | Everything you should know about!

by Jatin Kumar Malikon May 9, 2015
Microsoft Build, often written as //build/ is a yearly developer conference hosted by the Redmond giant. In the past few year, the event used to focus only developer tools and announcements related to their ecosystem development, but in the last few years, Microsoft has combined all of their conferences, making Build a sort of catch-all event. Build […]
5 reasons why Windows Phone Rocks & Sucks!

Top 5 reasons why Windows Phone Rocks

by Jatin Kumar Malikon March 23, 2015
I am an avid Windows Phone user from last 2 years. I was a Microsoft Student Partner in during my Engineering days and got the opportunity to learn and develop a lot of WP app, due to which I won a fair share of devices (Read: 12). I am actively using Nokia Lumia 1520 (Black […]

How to claim 100GB on OneDrive if you are outside U.S.!

by Jatin Kumar Malikon February 12, 2015
[Update(19/02/2015) – This promo is now worldwide, click Here to apply]  [Update: This promo is only valid till 28th Feb’2015] Everyone loves extra storage, specially when it comes for free. I am myself a storage fanatic having 2 External hdd (1 TB & 500 GB) and web-account in almost every cloud storage provider(Box, Dropbox, Mega, Drive, […]