The Flash season finale was one hell of a ride. Though it lacked action, the emotional moments were too damn high. I’ve already reviewed Fast Enough.The Flash travels back in time. Barry could have saved his mom but he knew that if did this,he will no longer can be The Flash.But atleast he got to say good-bye to his mom. Grant Gustin gave the best performance of the entire season. He definitely stole the show both as The Flash and Barry Allen.

Though the season has ended, it left behind various Easter Eggs. These help us to take a dive in DC Comics History. I’ve watched the entire episode twice and found almost Easter Eggs that I could gaze upon. Here are the Easter Eggs that were spotted :-

Cisco will be becoming The Vibe?!

The Vibe - The Flash Season Finale Easter Eggs

Beginning of The Vibe?

When Cisco told Wells that he remembered being killed by him in an alternate timeline. Wells suspected that Cisco might also have been affected by the Particle Accelerator and that  it gave him the ability to “see through vibrations in the universe.”

It might not be very far that we see Cisco as The Vibe.

Caitlin == Killer Frost?

Killer Frost - The Flash Season Finale Easter Eggs

Caitlin as Killer Frost in an alternate timeline?

When Barry was running in the Speed Force, he saw the glimpse of the past, the present and the future(quoted Harrison Wells there). In one of them, he saw Caitlin as Killer Frost. This might be the future because she hasn;t been transformed yet. This could also be an alternate timeline where she is affected by the Particle Accelerator.

Legends Of Tomorrow Peek-a-boo!

Legends of Tomorrow - The Flash Season Finale Easter Eggs

(L to R) White Canary, Captain Cold, and The Atom


Barry also sees the Legends of Tomorrow, a team of superheroes and super villains assembled to defeat a very dangerous enemy. We can see Captain Cold, White Canary and The Atom. Legends of Tomorrow will be airing on CW next year.

The Flash Museum in future..

The Flash Museum - The Flash Season Finale Easter Eggs

Flash museum – Dedicated to all the Flash(s)


We also see a museum with a golden statue of The Flash. It is The Flash Museum. In comics, The Flash Museum is dedicated to all The Flashes that were introduced in he DC Universe. The statue is of Bart Allen (Barry’s grandson).

Barry Allen in Jail?

Barry Allen in Jail - The Flash Season Finale Easter Eggs

Again maybe Alternate timeline?

Barry also sees himself in jail talking to someone over the phone. This might be an alternate timeline.

Jay Garrick’s Flash helmet

Jay Garrick Flash helmet - The Flash Season Finale Easter Eggs

The First Flash?

If you seen the episode carefully,you might have noticed a helmet with wings coming out of the black hole. The helmet belongs to Jay Garrick, the first person to be called as The Flash. We might also see him in Season 2. (Seriously, how many timelines we are going to see !)

Rip Hunter’s reference

RIP Hunter Time machine - The Flash Season Finale Easter Eggs

Eobard Thawne talks about Rip Hunter’s Time machine

Harrison Wells mentions a name Rip Hunter before sitting in his Time Sphere. Rip Hunter is a time traveller, who will be seen in Legends Of Tomorrow.


Hawkgirl - The Flash Season Finale Easter Eggs

Kendra Saunders, The Hawkgirl!

In the closing moments, we get to see  Kendra Saunders a.k.a Hawkgirl. She is apart of Justice League and will also be seen in Legends Of Tomorrow.

That’s all the Easter Eggs that were shown in the season finale. If you find any more of them, share with us. Also have a look on Avengers Age of Ultron Easter Eggs for your viewing pleasure 😉