Oneplus One is still one of the best Android smartphone out there. It was officially launched with a unique version of CyanogenMod 11s last year.. Though the partnership has ended between Cyanogen and Oneplus,the Oneplus One will still be receiving CM updates in the future. In addition to CM,Oneplus One has a very vast custom community. Almost all major custom ROMs are built for Oneplus One. For trying these custom ROMs,all you have to do is unlock your bootloader and install a custom recovery. You can experience various awesome custom ROMs. Although most of them are based on CM,still you get various additional features. So here’s a list of the best ROMs that are available for Oneplus One :

>> Top 5 Custom ROMs for Oneplus One :

#1. CyanogenMod 12.1 Nightlies

CyanogenMod 12.1 - Top 5 Custom ROMs for

CyanogenMod 12.1

CM 12.1 is based on latest Android 5.1.1. Oneplus One receives nightlies for this ROM. . This ROM just like CM 12s has many features such as brightness control from statusbar and quick pulldown of notification drawer. It also gives the option to theme our System UI. Though it’s still in Nightlies stage,it is really stable. Stable version of CM 12.1s is expected to release in July.

Download CM 12.1 Nightlies from here

#2. Resurrection Remix

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It is based on AOKP,CM and PA. Hence, it provides many additional features than CM. In addition to CM, it provides other features such as Pie Control,Gesture Anywhere and App circle bar. These features enhance user experience. The ROM is butter smooth with no major bugs. It also provides OTAs.

Download Resurrection Remix from here

#3. BlissPoP

BlissPop - Top 5 Custom ROMs for the Oneplus One


It is one of the most customizable ROMs available for Oneplus One. It is based on the latest CM 12.1. It can be tweaked from changing the colour of status bar to change of LED notification colour. It is as smooth as the CM 12.1 with additional cool features. It also provides OTAs,which can be installed using a custom recovery.

Download BlissPop from here

#4. SlimLP

SlimLP - Top 5 Custom ROMs for the Oneplus One


It is yet another amazing custom ROM offered for Oneplus One. It is unique than other ROMs which are available for this device. It is based on AOSP. The notable features of this ROM includes Custom Shortcuts,which can be used from anywhere,shake events and the slim launcher. Also,available is a new Camera app which is slightly different from Stock CM camera app.

Download SlimLP from here

#5. Euphoria OS

Euphoria OS - Top 5 Custom ROMs for the Oneplus One

Euphoria OS

It is yet another CM based ROM which offers high level of customization. It is developed by Mahdi786. It gives users control over almost all settings of the device. Users can customize LED notifications,Hardware keys and many more such features. But the battery life is not the best with this ROM. But it can be ignored by looking at the level of customization it provides.

Download Euphoria OS from here

These are the top 5 custom ROMs which I found to be stable and at the same time provide good performance. There are other good ROMs available too such as Paranoid Android,Exodus ,CrDroid,Xenon HD etc and many more.

So guys, do share about your favourite custom ROM for the Oneplus One with us in the comments below!