One of the major differences between iOS and Android is that Android devices have the option to expand memory using the microSD slot, which now a days offer an option for storage upto monolithic 200 GB. LG and HTC are giving microSD slot in their flagship devices ever since. Surprisingly, Samsung who used to be a strong promoter of their option of removable battery and microSD card slots, didn’t give the same in their latest flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S6, which was really unexpected. Samsung looks this decision despite of the fact that they recently launched their new microSD cards.

Xiaomi Mi3 flagships lack microSD slots - Bitsnapper

Xiaomi Mi3

Xiaomi, 3rd biggest smartphone distributor, also doesn’t prefer microSD in their flagship devices. Though Xiaomi provides with microSd card expansion in its Redmi series but it isn’t giving this option in the flagship devices. Hugo Barra, the Vice President of International of the company, explains why their flagships lack microSD slots!

“For high performance devices, we are fundamentally against an SD card slot.”

Barra pointed out that  his team didn’t want to compromise battery capacity, ergonomics design and in case of their latest flagship, Mi 4i, an extra microSim slot. Barra added “microSD cards are incredibly prone to failure and malfunctioning of various sorts“. He also pointed out to the presence of many fake cards in the market, which can cause serious issues.

He actually went on record to say that “You think you’re buying a Kingston or a SanDisk but you’re actually not! Fake cards are of extremely poor quality, they’re slow, they sometimes just stop working, and it gives people huge number of issues, apps crashing all the time, users losing data, a lot of basically complaints and customer frustration. It’s gonna be a while before you finally accept that maybe the reason why it’s not performing the way it should is because you put in an SD card, right? You’re gonna blame the phone, you’re gonna blame the manufacturer, you’re gonna shout and scream and try to get it fixed, so many different ways until you say, Actually, let me just take the SD card out and see what happens.

“May be it ‘s a trend: microSD cards really will disappear,”

Barra cleared the fact that you should basically not expect SD card slots in any of our flagships. So, all Mi Fans what’s your take on this?